Big Surprise: A Leftist Calls For Censorship… Of Me


(The following is a Letter to the Editor (LTE) written by me that was published today in the local daily newspaper of Santa Clarita, The Signal. I was responding to another LTE critical of my last column, “The Great Mask Scam”. You can read that person’s LTE here: Dorio LTE)

Most of the columns and letters to the editor (LTEs) that I write and that are published by The Signal concern political topics, and since I’m a conservative I expect – and get – a lot of umbrage and pushback from leftists who disagree with my views.

That’s fine with me. I believe in open debate in a free society. But that’s a view that apparently isn’t shared by all.

My 2 December column “The Great American Mask Scam” engendered a responding LTE from Gene Dorio (“Fringe-Speak in Baker Column”, 9 December) that illustrates the problem. Rather than making any effort at all to refute the specific assertions of my column, which included six links to verifiable reputable sources, Dorio presumes a position of superior moral authority (“As a geriatric physician…”), makes a claim unsupported by any documentation (“(I) find this commentary disseminates misinformation while pitting science and public health against political bias.”), and then advocates censorship (“Advising and advocating citizens to wear a mask is not a scam, and The Signal might join in to better serve the health and welfare of our community.”).

You don’t get to win at poker by claiming you have the better hand but refusing to show your cards. The same holds true when debating public policy. Dorio is certainly entitled to his opinion, but that’s all it is… an opinion.

To their credit, The Signal’s editors follow a policy of open debate, and in fact noted when they published Dorio’s LTE that they didn’t agree with my column. Such a policy gives the reading public the opportunity to see all sides of an issue, not just whatever seems to be most popular with leftists at the moment. Major kudos to The Signal.

The leftists’ love of censorship and “cancel culture” is one of the biggest dangers facing this country. They can’t be allowed to get away with it.


©Brian Baker 2020



12 comments on “Big Surprise: A Leftist Calls For Censorship… Of Me

  1. Betty Arenson says:

    Great. Dr. Doris is a brash pushy ass. Personal experience!

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  2. CW says:

    There’s the famous saying, “Democracy dies in darkness.”

    I think the leftists know this. I think that’s their plan.

  3. Kathy says:

    That’s funny….them trying to censor you. Dorio’s just like most all the other lefties who try to silence the other opinion, rather than argue their case or show you any of those “countless evidence-based scientific papers.” At least the Signal published your letter, and that’s more than some sites would do these days.

    I wonder what the geriatric expert would have to say about all the breathing issues people are experiencing related to wearing masks for extended periods that I’m reading about.

    • BrianR says:

      Yeah, it really is funny, Kathy. On top of everything else, his grammar sucks. “Geriatric doctor”. That means he’s an old doctor, not a doctor for the elderly, which would be a “doctor of geriatrics”. The guy’s an asshat.

      The Signal’s a really great paper, just like they used to be back in the old days. Definitely unlike the “legacy media” of today. That’s why I still submit my stuff to them even though I’ve moved to Colorado.

  4. Terry Bishop says:

    A CDC testing reported that 85% of virus patients claimed to always wear a mask

  5. Nee says:

    Heh. The Signal censored me and I have not been able to comment there in years. The norm for a leftist is to claim moral superiority and then run. They do not listen to what you have to say and nor will they ever, under and circumstances follow a link that fucks with their unicorns and rainbows. As i always say, “It works for the until it doesn’t.” The current Do as I say, but not as I do” mindset of the “leaders” should make every “pig” stand up and prepare to revolt. What happens when good men do nothing.?

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