Have ANY Leftists Read the Constitution?

Gary Horton’s 23 September column “Undemocratic Senate Doesn’t Represent Us” (here) was yet another example of his regurgitation of the Dem/socialist party’s talking points du jour, in this case hysteria about Trump nominating the successor on the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to Justice Ginsburg.

He complains about small states like Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky having the same representation – two Senators – as heavily populated states like California. So, let’s examine that.

The size of each state’s House delegation is determined by its population, thereby representing the “popular vote”. That’s why the House is known as “the people’s chamber”. The purpose of the Senate was to represent the interests of each state as a body, and originally Senators were appointed by each state’s legislature. The Constitution was amended so that the electorate of a state determined its Senators, but again, Senators represent the interests of each state as a body, and so each state is treated equally with two Senators. If each state’s Senate delegation varied by population instead of being limited to two… well, since that’s exactly what the House does, there wouldn’t even be a need for the Senate, would there?

Horton predictably goes on to try to contrast the Senate’s refusal to consider Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to SCOTUS to Trump and McConnell’s intent to seat a replacement for Ginsburg in this election year period.

However, McConnell is simply following long-established precedent in both cases. When, in an election year, the Senate is held by one party and the presidency by another, the usual practice is to wait for the outcome of the election, which is exactly what happened with Garland. But if the Senate and presidency are both held by the same party, standard practice is to move forward with confirmation, which is what’s happening now.

I have to wonder if Horton ever had a class in civics while he was in school. Really, this is pretty basic stuff.



©Brian Baker 2020


(Also published today in The Signal )

6 comments on “Have ANY Leftists Read the Constitution?

  1. Hopeful says:

    Gary Horton’s stance, along with all his Democrat friends’ beliefs are why we must confirm Amy Coney Barret right away! It is crazy to me that Democrats want to tear our whole system down, simply because they haven’t gotten their way these past few years. I am praying that President Trump wins reelection, AND that the Senate keeps the house. It is imperative that Schumer doesn’t get to run the Senate! But, of course, I am being greedy because I want the Democrats to lose the House as well; how else will anything get done to help the American people?

    • BrianR says:

      Jan, I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I really think the future of the country hangs on this election. That’s been said often in the past, though not by me, but this time I think it’s true.

      If they get full control of Congress AND the White House they’ll enact programs that’ll destroy us. They’re not even faking it anymore; they’re coming right out and saying it.

  2. Betty Arenson says:

    Amen. Brian

  3. Kathy says:

    Horton should have paid more attention in civics class, so he’d remember the difference between the Senate and the House. How embarrassing for him to expose his ignorance to the public.

    Were the situation reversed, the Dems would be confirming their chosen judge so fast it would make your spin. They’re just ticked off because the Republicans have the advantage at the moment. It’s not surprising, since they’ve been seething for over four years now.

    • BrianR says:

      Oh, yeah, Kathy, no doubt.

      But the interesting thing about leftists is that they’re completely beyond embarrassment. If something isn’t the way they think it is, then it SHOULD be that way, and for them that’s all that’s necessary. They have absolutely no ethics at all beyond situational.

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