Oops! I Did It Again!

My hand, doing the dirty deed


I am so totally getting my Bernie Bro on… again!

I’m not a member of any political party; I’m one of those “independents” pollsters, pundits, and politicians are perpetually pontificating upon. During the last presidential primary season four years ago, because I could vote in the primary of either major party, I decided that for the first time in my life I’d cast a vote for a Dem/socialist, and decided to do so for the Bern, Bernie Sanders. I even wrote about it at the time, and that column was published right here:  ( https://theviewfromtheisland.com/2016/06/10/are-unicorns-real/ “Are Unicorns Real? I’m feelin’ the Bern…!” 10 June 16 )

Well, here we are again, for Super-Duper Tuesday (the New and Expanded Super Tuesday), and since my new home in Colorado participates in that event, with Trump having the GOP nod tied up I’ve decided to throw my support to the Bern once again.

You’ve got to hand it to the Bern. At least he’s honest. He doesn’t deny his socialism, in contrast to virtually everyone else in that sorry political party, all of whom constantly bleat that the “progressive” policies they’re constantly trying to shove down our throats are anything — ANYTHING – other than blatant socialism, if not outright communism.

The results of the Super Duper Tuesday event add even more delicious drama to the ongoing soap opera that is the Dem/socialist primary process. Sanders’s seemingly unstoppable momentum ran into a brick wall in the south, while Biden’s previously moribund and all-but-embalmed campaign was resuscitated by his sweep of those same southern states. Liz “Fauxcahontas” Warren only took third place in her own home state of Massachusetts while “Midget Mikey” Bloomberg was only able to win American Samoa. In fact, he’s already “suspended” – read “ended” – his ridiculous effort to buy an election, throwing his support – for whatever that’s worth – to Biden. Warren has also dropped out, though as of my writing this column she hasn’t yet endorsed any other candidate.

Now the real fun starts.

At this point it looks like the ultimate nominee will be either Biden or Sanders. The Democrat Party national convention meets in Milwaukee starting on July 13, and if either Sanders or Biden have secured a majority of the delegates at that point then presumably that person will win the nomination on the first ballot. The process will be complete and the nominee selected.

However, if neither has won a clear majority in the state primary process, either directly through state voting or indirectly via deals struck with other candidates who have agreed to support him by pledging their own delegates, then they’ll have a contested, or “brokered”, convention leading to subsequent ballots. That’s when the knives come out. “Super delegates” – party poohbahs – get to participate in the selection process, and those people are pretty much all “establishment” drones, the very people scared to death of Sanders dragging their electoral hopes down the drain. The same folks who threw the 2016 nomination to Clinton and infuriated the Bernie Bros back then.

I think this is a real possibility, particularly given the preference of that party’s “establishment”.

If this year’s Dem/socialist convention is brokered and Biden wins, particularly if that win is viewed by the Bernie Bros as being a rerun of 2016, the outrage from that faction will be palpable and consequential, costing Biden vital support in the general election in November.

There’s rich irony in the fact that, for a party so immersed in identity politics, their 2020 nominee, whoever wins, is going to be a rich, old, white guy in his late 70s. For the hard-left faction, Biden is too “establishment” and doesn’t check off any of the required “social justice” criteria. For the “establishment” types, Sanders is a scary communist who’ll drag the entire party into political oblivion and irrelevancy. The question then becomes whether or not “orange man bad” is enough motivation to stimulate the angry faction to vote for a candidate they don’t otherwise support.

Come November Trump will be facing either a Marxist who wants to turn the USA into Venezuela, or a doddering geezer who seems to be suffering from the early stages of dementia.

Interesting times… Grab some popcorn and settle back for the show.

©Brian Baker 2020


(Also published 3/11/2020 in The Signal)

16 comments on “Oops! I Did It Again!

  1. Betty Arenson says:

    Hi Brian, we think of you often. Hope things are very well with you. Of course I see FB with Nicole and Stacy. Love that you still write in The Signal!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hardnox says:

    Lol. The Bernie Bros already have their panties in a wad knowing the Dim Establishment is sandbagging Bernie who already agreed to support Biden if he wins the nomination. I wonder what he’s being paid?

    What’s stunning is how quickly Biden is failing. He might not make it to the convention which is sad. I was looking forward to Trump to shredding him in the debates and elsewhere.

    Hildabeast is rearing her ugly head again. She’s circling like a buzzard.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, Nox, and let’s even game this out a bit further. Biden gets the nod one way or the other, and is their candidate. The D establishment has picked his Veep. Maybe Kamala or Spartacus, maybe even the Hildebeast. Biden magically wins the election.

      Two days after he’s inaugurated, they remove him from office via the 25th Amendment.

      Pretty far=fetched, I admit, but certainly not impossible.

  3. Nee says:

    Ah, let the guessing begin. Who will be Veep? Dick Morris said they have HRC hanging around and their bigger voices have been largely silent. Dems have effed Bernie over, again and even though I wouldn’t vote for him, it’s pretty despicable that somehow Joe isn’t being called to the carpet over the follies of him and his kid…and every other former candidate is spewing hypocrisy in their “support” for him. Disgusting. And yet, so blinded by Orange Man Bad complex, no one can see that two rich white guys are it!! It’s utterly insane. I have had the popcorn and the jelly beans out since the beginning. 🙂

  4. Hopeful says:

    Hey Brian! While I lived in Santa Clarita, I too was an “Independent” voter, but ever since the Democrats tried to destroy Justice Kavanaugh, I have registered and will remain a Republican in my new state. It is sad, really, since I used to be a bipartisan voter, selecting who I thought was best, regardless of political party. However these past 3 years of truly despicable actions against President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, and pretty much anyone, who doesn’t fall in line with the Democrat agenda, have made me into what I always fought against; I am now a proud partisan, who will never, ever vote for any Democrat or anyone who aligns themselves with Democrats.

    What is surprising is how the Democrats are putting their efforts behind Biden! I would have thought that they would have learned from the 2016 campaign when Hillary lost. Now, they are throwing their support behind an even WORSE candidate! It will be interesting to see who Joe Biden will pick for VP because the VP candidate will be the person most Democrats are voting for, considering Joe Biden won’t be able handle the job.

    • BrianR says:

      I agree, Hopeful, that their Veep will be a crucial aspect. No doubt. Especially if they’re thinking of either sidelining, or outright replacing him after the inauguration.

      I though about what you wrote about being a “proud partisan”. I think I am, too, though I’m not a member of any party. I’m a “partisan” of the conservatives, so I can vote against anybody from either traditional party, and there are sure plenty of idiots in the GOP, too.


  5. CW says:

    The race for the democrat nomination has felt surreal to me throughout the whole process, Brian. Watching their gaggle of cartoon communists, hysterical “nasty” women, failed mayors, mystics that were going to beat Trump with love, billionaire control freaks and a semi-senile thug whose greatest achievement is being a life-long politician, it’s sickening to see how far they’ve sunk to find a “leader” in such a great country. When Joe Biden is the best they’ve got, it truly feels like half this nation is hell-bent on our mutual destruction, just so they can have the satisfaction of blowing it all up.

    I would love to laugh this off as an easy victory for Trump, but I learned my lesson about the abundance of democrat stupidity with Obama. I’ve been encouraged by the turnout of people voting for Trump in the primaries, but now we have a world crisis thrown into the mix. It’s impossible to imagine any sane person thinking that Joe Biden would be better at managing this crisis than Trump, but the depths of liberal insanity run deep right now. If things turns out better than expected, I think Trump will sail to victory. But if this crisis is prolonged and painful, it wouldn’t shock me to see people double down on stupid and elect Biden. What do you think?

    How are you liking Colorado winter so far?

    • BrianR says:

      Wow, sorry for the delay, CW. I never got the email notification of your comment.

      In the meantime we’ve had this whole WuHysteria schtick appear, which I think accrues the benefit to Trump, because Biden seems (and is) utterly irrelevant, in addition to which the few times he does actually appear he acts like an escapee from a home for the demented and senile. I agree it’s never an assured “easy victory”, but I feel pretty good about it at this point.

      Gotta say, I really like Colorado a lot, and as I read about the mounting insanity in Commiefornia, headed by Gavin Nuisance, I’m tickled pink to have left it behind!

      • CW says:

        I’m happy that you are liking you’re new home and encouraged by your confidence in the upcoming election, Brian.

      • BrianR says:

        Thanks, CW.

        Well, “confidence” yes, “positive” no. My crystal ball isn’t always clear. But I definitely like the odds, and the way the political scene is shaping up.

  6. Well written post, Brian. I wonder if Biden will pick Hillary as his running mate. Or Warren? If he doesn’t pick someone who could be President, he will definitely lose to Trump.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, Chris.

      Yeah, it’s going to be interesting. He promised it would be someone with ovaries, so…

      What I think is really interesting about this issue is that he’s CLEARLY incompetent to actually govern. I think it’s shameful that his advisors — ESPECIALLY his family — haven’t pulled him from the race. He reminds me of my stepdad just before he entered the final stages of dementia, then ultimately died. The guy’s a freakin’ Loony Tune.

  7. Kathy Wolcott says:

    Hey Brian, I haven’t received your new post. Please reply, I was getting worried about you, so happy to know you are alive. Kathy

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