On Impeachment Insanity



In his February 1 letter to the editor, published in The Signal, the local newspaper of the Santa Clarita Valley, entitled “Republicans Making Dems’ Points” Duane Mooring wrote: “We must impeach and remove Donald Trump from office because the evidence is very clear that he abused the office of president of the United States solely to promote the interests of Donald J. Trump.”


That’s an accusation unsupported by any objective facts and based on pure speculation. The only way anyone knows the “motivation” of any actor is if that actor states what it is — unless the accuser can read people’s minds — and in this case the accused (Trump) has clearly stated that it wasn’t his motive. That’s why proving motive isn’t a required element of evidence in judicial proceedings.

Further, Trump’s request that Ukraine investigate corruption — specifically Biden’s as VEEP — is a perfectly legitimate request. Biden’s current political campaign doesn’t immunize him from criminal investigation for his past actions as a federal officer. In fact, the argument can be made – and I’m making it – that investigating his actions regarding Burisma is very much in this country’s best interest, as it’s very germane for people to know about any candidate’s corrupt actions, especially if carried out as an elected official.

The fact that it’s possible that Trump may be facing Biden in the November election is purely incidental, and immaterial. If Biden doesn’t have anything to hide, he’s got nothing to worry about, right?

Running for office doesn’t get a person a free pass from being investigated. If anything, the opposite is true, especially as far as Dem/socialists are concerned when the subject is Trump or other conservatives. Does the name Brett Kavanaugh ring any bells?

Fortunately, Senate Repubs have had enough of this hyper-partisan Dem/socialist nonsense and by the time this letter sees print will have most likely put this entire sordid fiasco into the trash bin of history, right where it belongs.


©Brian Baker 2020

(Also published today in The Signal)





6 comments on “On Impeachment Insanity

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Brian. Whether Biden remains a candidate for President or not, I for one want to know if he used the power of the Vice Presidency to provide financial gain for his son, Hunter and other family members and friends. If so, I want to see the appropriate action taken.

    Further, supporting your article, how is it that Democratic Senators running for President are allowed to vote for impeachment of the President of the United States. Of course, they have that right, regardless of the fact that they may personally benefit if he is removed from office.

    Just because Biden is a candidate running against Trump for President does not give him a free pass to use his power to have a foreign prosecutor who was looking into Hunters possible corruption fired with the threat of withholding funds appropriated by Congress if he was not fired.

    Your observations are, as usual, spot-on.

    • BrianR says:

      Thank you.

      I especially like your second paragraph. Evidently, in the world of Dem/socialism, just because it’s good for the goose doesn’t automatically make it good for the gander. They absolutely wallow in a world of hypocrisy. Amazing…

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s funny how the Dems’ double standards always play a part in these matters. If Biden were immune from investigation, then Trump, Cruz, and all the other presidential candidates should have been immune too, but they certainly were not. Instead, their lives and personal info were picked to pieces. Yet, now we’re supposed to believe that Biden is off limits… ppfft!!

    Yes, Act II is over and I’m sure Act III will begin any time now, because there’s no way Nutty Nancy is going to stop now – not when she’s facing five more years of him. 😀

  3. CW says:

    Great points, Brian.

    This farce of an impeachment has opened a Pandora’s Box of thoughts to ponder, such as:

    •If asking Ukraine to investigate corruption by the Bidens is an abuse of presidential power because it serves Trump’s interests, how should we characterize Democrats’ history of bribing their voters with taxpayer money in order to secure their own elections?

    •If what Trump did or said was so terrible, why did Adam Schiff find it necessary to misrepresent what Trump actually said?

    •Why were Democrats so insistent on “fairness” for the prosecution but intent on denying fairness to Trump?

    •If the cause of Democrats is so righteous, why must it always require changing the rules and breaking precedents for them to prevail?

    •Why does Mitt Romney’s delicate “conscience” prompt him to condemn Trump, yet the misdeeds of devious, power-hungry Democrats don’t offend him in the least apparently?

    •How is it possible for anyone to take seriously the claims by Democrats of just wanting to uphold the Constitution???

    Sadly I think that instead of pondering such questions too many Americans brains are busy following the ever-so-critical antics of the Kardashians.

    • BrianR says:

      Well, CW, I must admit to finding your cynicism quite disturbing. And frankly, I think your disrespect and insulting criticism of Klan Kardashian goes beyond the pale.

      (So!…. THAT’S what it feels like to be a leftist! How interesting…)….. LOL

      You raise great points, and of course they very clearly illustrate the world of hypocrisy in which leftists must live in order to advance their agenda. Intellectual and ethical consistency are the kryptonite to their Superman; completely inconsistent with — and in fact anathema to — their methodology. This goes back to my FLHHC model.

      You summarized it all beautifully. Thanks.

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