A Field of Rakes


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has pulled the trigger and announced the start of an “impeachment inquiry” targeted at President Donald Trump. I’m not really sure what exactly an “impeachment inquiry” actually is. In fact, as of my writing this, apparently no one else is, either. As far as I can guess, it seems to be just sticking a name to something the Dem/socialists have already been doing, from pretty much the day Trump was sworn in.

This may be Pelosi’s method of trying to quell the discord within her own ranks, particularly from the ultra-radical element as personified by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “posse”.

As an aside, I have to note that just a very few years ago Pelosi was the face of radical extremism in the Dem/socialist party; now she’s the “voice of reason”? Yet another illustration of how that party has lurched so far to the left that they’re falling off the edge of the map, and has become unrecognizable.

Of course, all this furor of the last two and a half years is rooted in the leftists’ refusal to accept the fact that Trump legitimately won the 2016 election. They’re convinced he somehow “stole” that win from their sainted Hilary, and they’ve been flailing ever since trying to, basically, reverse that outcome. For over two years they were convinced that the Mueller investigation was the sound of the cavalry bugles just over the hill riding to their rescue only to learn it was really the mournful notes of the sad trombone.

I have to scratch my head and wonder how they think this ends well for them, because I can’t think of any way it does.

If the House votes to impeach Trump it will be meaningless because there’s just no way he’ll be convicted in the Senate and removed from office. That requires a 2/3 vote for conviction in that chamber. The votes simply aren’t there.

Even if that were somehow to miraculously happen, Saint Hilary still won’t be President; Mike Pence will be. He’s the Vice-President. Hilary’s nobody, the political equivalent of three-day-old sushi, and she’s never again coming even within sniffing distance of the Oval Office.

If Pence assumes the office, the leftists will look back on the Trump era with nostalgia, as Pence’s conservative credentials are pretty much impeccable, and his life is so squeaky-clean that he’ll be unassailable on that front.

So what’s the goal of this “impeachment inquiry” if actual impeachment isn’t going to succeed? Is it to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy for the Dem/socialists to continue their endless thrashing around in trying to besmirch and delegitimize Trump, at least until the next election?

I suspect that’s the case, and if so I believe that they’re not just stepping on a rake, but doing a jig in a field of rakes.

I believe the leftists have overplayed their hand, and pushed this mess to the point of becoming farce. Obviously, there’s no way they can portray themselves as the “loyal opposition”, the traditional position of the party out of power, since there’s nothing at all “loyal” about refusing to accept the legitimate outcome of an election.

Though this kabuki no doubt plays well to their radicalized political base, I think most normal people have become bored and inured to it, particularly in light of the economic boon that’s taken place over the last couple of years.

In fact, according to a Quinnipiac poll released on 25 September (https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=3641) “… only 37 percent of voters say that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 57 percent say no, he should not be impeached.”

Think about that. After over two years of their endless shenanigans the Dem/socialists have convinced a little over a third of the electorate that Trump should be impeached, with the remainder either against impeachment or not caring enough about the issue to even have an opinion. Further, my guess is that the third who do want to impeach him have wanted that from election night. I doubt the leftists have moved the needle a single iota in all this time.

If they’ve been hoping to gin up a groundswell of outrage leading to Trump’s repudiation by the populace, I’d say that effort has been a pretty epic failure.

I think that if they continue down this impeachment highway they’re in for a very big and unpleasant surprise. The American people have only a limited appetite for base political opportunism, especially when it’s unfounded and perceived as “unfair”. The leftists have now painted themselves as being extremists, not only with their endless persecution of Trump, but also in light of their obsession with Justice Kavanaugh – more impeachment talk – as well as the clown car of radical leftist candidates they’re fielding for the presidency itself.

I doubt this ends well for them come November 2020. The American people have a tendency to rally behind those they see as being unfairly and baselessly persecuted, which is exactly the perception the Dem/socialists are fostering.

As I said, they’re dancing the jig in a field of rakes.



©Brian Baker 2019

(Also published today in my local newspaper, The Signal)


8 comments on “A Field of Rakes

  1. Nee says:

    I had a conversation last week with someone I love. I was called a Trump-ite!! I was told that Trump is evil and wants to be King…he’s immoral, corrupt, and our democracy will not withstand another term with this corrupt criminal in office. I was told that Trump had an illegitimate child and asked if I knew where he was making his money from. I was told “policy” can be made by anybody but Trump is evil, evil…eeee-ville!! (not a typo, just a Rush inflection, haha.) Then I was asked if ALL I watched was Fox News…hahahaha!
    To whit: I could find no credible quote of Trump’s that he said he wanted to be King, but I did find plenty of projection from all the usual suspects. No credible proof of an illegitimate child who is NOT being taken care of…No proof that the Constitution has been violated by Trump (Unlike the predecessor) and as for immoral and corrupt because HE is separating children from their parents…Well, we know Obama did the same thing and this person voted for him twice!! But, since Trump is POTUS…he is immoral, not Obama…and don’t touch Global warming since Obama juts bought a 15 million dollar house on a Beach that’s going t fall into the sea because Greta said so….I mean…just F*uc* Me, Dead!!!
    So, Red Nanny appears to be pretending to lead and has not mentioned that three days ago the law for Whistleblowers and direct knowledge was changed in August…the same time Schiff for brains tweeted something similar…and then he “parodies” a fake story and is not facing censure? These people have lost their cotton-picking minds!! Those Rose-colored glasses for power have become so thick, they’re all going to commit political suicide, again…because HRC losing wasn’t enough. I mean, Pelosi actually believes losing seats is not as important as impeaching for an actual wet dream they’ve all been having over this. FFS. #Draintheswamp!!!

  2. Rick Kallevig says:

    Regarding the issue of Ms. Pelosi’s dictatorial proclamation that the House, or more specifically House Committee chairs, are conducting a formal impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, the Constitution provides irrefutable proof that the process requires consent of the FULL House of Representatives.

    Article 1., Sec. 2, Cls. 5 states “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment”.

    Notice the language which provides the context within which the House may act. The clause begins by setting forth what the ENTIRE House of Representatives, as a whole body representing the People of their various States, SHALL do. The entire body of the House SHALL “chuse their Speaker and other Officers”; and SHALL “have the sole Power of Impeachment”. There is no division of that power leaving the latter to the Speaker or any other officer. It doesn’t say the Speaker of the House SHALL have that power.

    Therefore, in the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face context of clause 5, read as a whole, the power of impeachment is left expressly to the entire House of Representatives, which proves that Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of lawless committee chairs, are in gross violation of Article 1., Sec 2., Cls 5. The “formal” impeachment proceeding they’ve undertaken is UN-constitutional. PERIOD.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, Rick, I couldn’t agree with you more. Of course, this is simply another instance in which the Dem/socialists display their absolute disregard for anything that’s actually IN the Constitution. Maybe even more than disregard… Contempt.

  3. CW says:

    “Inquiry” has such a nicer ring to it than “witch hunt,” eh Brian?

    “ So what’s the goal of this “impeachment inquiry” if actual impeachment isn’t going to succeed? Is it to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy for the Dem/socialists to continue their endless thrashing around in trying to besmirch and delegitimize Trump, at least until the next election?”

    I think that’s likely the goal for some; however I think for the most rabid among them (Tlaib, Schiff, Nadler, AOC, etc.) it satisfies the Left’s natural urge to bully and dominate anyone who won’t conform to their demands, kind of like when they force Christian’s to bake LGBT-themed cakes or try to drive companies out of business for espousing conservative values. For all their pretense at being “big-hearted, tolerant liberals” they truly are thugs by nature.

    I hope you’re right about the impeachment thing backfiring, but I’ve seen some polls that show a surprising number of Republicans supporting an impeachment investigation (something like 20-30%). I don’t know which polls are truly capturing the mood but it has me a little nervous.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks for the great comment, as usual, CW.

      Let me give you something to consider, regarding your closing statement. Were I to be polled tonight, and depending on how the question was phrased, I might also support an actual impeachment.

      “Wha…?”, you gasp.

      Because I think every single step the Dem/socialists take down this road leads them further and further away from the public’s perception of their sanity and rationality, and the benefits of that redound to Trump… especially since there’s pretty much zero chance any impeachment indictment will result in a Senate conviction.

      I have to tell you that, barring some earth shattering revelation — fully supported by credible evidence — I’m firmly convinced that they’re committing political suicide.

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