The Latest Crisis du Jour


Another Wednesday, another Horton bleat.

His June 27 entry, “Kids in Cages: Is That the American Way?”, finds him in full-bloomed sob mode.*

“Kids in cages in faraway places, with no soap or blankets and barely room to move. Locked inside fences, in tents, warehouses, for-profit human exploitation machines… The Trump presidential response is to make conditions on our side the wrong side for them to come to. Make it so bad, so miserable, so debilitating, so terrifying as kids are ripped from parents – that they’ll stop coming.”

Lions and tigers and bears, oh, my…

This is apparently the latest trope from the Dem/socialists. They’ve swerved from denying just a couple of months ago that there was any “emergency” at all at the border – countering Trump’s position in pushing for money for border security – to wailing about a looming disaster, especially regarding the kids of border jumpers. Talk about situational ethics! I guess whatever’s expedient at any given moment will be pushed as the crisis du jour.

The hysteria also serves a practical purpose: obfuscate and misdirect the discussion from factual and legal elements that don’t serve the leftists’ message, and attempt to drape it with humanitarian concerns that have broad appeal to the innate generosity of the American people.

Not only is it cynical beyond belief, but it uses those unfortunate people as mere pawns to advance an unpopular political agenda: open borders.

Here are some realities to consider. Who’s actually responsible for those kids being in a facility in the first place? Did Trump and his minions kidnap them and drag them over the border to lock them up? Or were they brought here by their parents, who were trying to enter the country illegally?

Once here, this country really has no responsibility to provide them any care at all. We could have simply dumped them back over on the other side of the border – which would have been the truly cruel and inhumane thing to do – but we didn’t. Instead, we’re making every effort to provide for them as best we can, given the realities and limitations of the resources available.

Why are those resources so strained in the first place? Because the Dem/socialists, as usual, have for a very long time refused to cooperate – by approving funding, among other things – in addressing the core of the problem: border security. If our border was secure we’d have a lot fewer people coming across, and thus a lot fewer detainees. Further, as it became known that we were serious about enforcing that border, much of the magnetism that draws people to try to jump it would be eliminated.

But then, where would all those future Dem/socialist voters come from?

And that, my friends, is what this entire discussion is really all about. The left, as represented in this case by Horton, will do or say anything to allow hordes of illegal aliens to flow unfettered into this country to disappear into that “underground” they’re constantly moaning about, so they can later benefit from the next round of amnesty – under whatever name at the time, DREAMERS, DACA, whatever – and become “legalized”, and ultimately a voting bloc.

Don’t let yourselves be fooled.


©Brian Baker 2019


(Also published today in my local newspaper, The Signal )



8 comments on “The Latest Crisis du Jour

  1. Jan says:

    Hey Brian! It has gotten to the point where pretty much anything the Democrats “say” against Trump and Republicans, they themselves “do.” If the Democrats really wanted to do something to solve the problem with illegal immigrant detention, they would provide the means to secure the border. They would change the laws so people wouldn’t take such dangerous treks from Central America to the US. They would seal-up the border, so there wouldn’t be any incentive to illegally cross our border. They would figure out a way to track and deport people, who over stay their visas. They would put in place severe consequences for hiring anyone, who is illegally here. After these steps are taken, then Congress must pass comprehension immigration reform, ending chain migration, and changing our legal immigration system where 90% of the people coming here are the best and brightest, who can immediately take care of themselves without being a burden on government resources, leaving at most 10%, who need government assistance until they too can be fully independent within 5 years. No citizenship should be given to any immigrant until they can prove they can be self-sustaining, assimilate well into American life, and they have been well vetted to ensure they will help this country continue to be the best country in the world. Then, once and only once the border is secure, and people are deported the minute they are found to be living here illegally, only then can we provide a pathway to citizenship for the DACA recipients. The parents of DACA recipients should NEVER be given citizenship since they were the ones, who broke the law.

    Until we do all of the above, we will continue to have illegal immigration issues, which is obviously what the Democrats want. I watched the Democrat Debates, both nights, and anyone, who doesn’t see that the Democrats WANT open borders is simply burying their heads in the sand.

    • BrianR says:

      Hi, Jan. Great to hear from you. Terrific thoughts and comment.

      You actually WATCHED those debates? You have my utmost respect. Personally, I’d rather watch paint dry.

      • Jan says:

        Yes, I watched the whole thing both nights. I will continue to watch every debate because I like to hear/read everything myself without having to rely on partisans from either side spin what is said for their preferred party’s agenda. What I saw during the debates was pretty eye opening. I was really shocked at how far to the left EVERY CANDIDATE seemed to go!

      • BrianR says:

        Well… yeah. What shocked you? If you read the news on a regular basis, nothing was said there that they haven’t been bleating all along.

        There’s a reason I call them “Dem/socialists”, and those are the MODERATE ones. The others are outright commies.

  2. CW says:

    Great post, Brian.

    When a burglar breaks into your home, you’re under no obligation to apologize for the uncomfortable conditions or the lack of valuable goods to steal, but since the Left knows that it can get the upper hand by putting the R’s on the defensive, that is the insanity we’re dealing with. And right on cue too many of the R’s stammer around and try to defend the conditions or denounce them (to prove that they, too, have hearts and love children) instead of saying, “WTF? Who invited them anyways?!”

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