The Kabuki Starts in Three… Two… One…

It was an interesting and emotional mid-term election, and the results were pretty much in conformance with historical norms: the out-of-power party – in this case the Dem/socialists – took control of the House, and the party in power – this time the GOP – retained control of the Senate.

The Dem/socialists eked out enough seats in the House to win a slim majority, but sadly for them it was at the expense of “moderates” who were more likely to “cross the aisle” to find compromise with them than those GOPers who remain. In the Senate they actually lost seats, widening the gap and ceding even more power to the GOP and Mitch McConnell, as well as the newly-energized Lindsay Graham.

In other words, the “Blue Wave” that was expected turned pretty much into a trickle.

The wild-eyed Sturm und Drang we’ve seen coming from the left will now be institutionalized. Pelosi unleashed! Maxine Waters on the prowl! Why not?

To get any proposed legislation actually enacted into law will mean it will have to make it through the Senate and past Trump’s potential veto. But that kind of compromise and moderation isn’t the face the Dem/socialists put on their campaign. This is the party of the “#Resistance”! This is payback for defeating Ms. Pant Suit in 2016! It’s time to get even!

That’s why I think we’re in for a couple of years that promise to be highly entertaining; in fact, I think it will be a spectacle.

Much of Pelosi’s House contingent is made up of hardcore zealots who will consider their new majority as being the sign of a mandate to advance their radical agenda. So I think there’s a real chance we’ll see proposals for much more draconian gun control, universal “free” healthcare and education, and a repeal of the recent tax cuts, along with proposals to actually increase taxes.

Now that they’re no longer facing an electorate that might react adversely to such antics – at least for the next two years – the extreme fringe nuts – yes, Maxine, I’m looking at you – will push hard for “investigations” and impeachments; certainly of Trump, and maybe even others, such as the recently-seated Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Of course, the political reality is that none of these antics are going to actually produce any tangible results. The Senate and the veto, again. But think of the theater of it all! Great political Kabuki!

Pelosi’s problem is compounded by the fact that she probably doesn’t want the House to end up looking like an impotent joke. So she’s faced with a real tightrope walk. How does she get legislation proposed and enacted into law while at the same time appeasing the far-left base that gave her party the House, all while facing a Senate and President who vehemently oppose the agenda of that base?

What a predicament!

Meanwhile, Trump will be calling her and her party out as being obstructionist – the “party of ‘No’” – as they try to block his agenda. Trump is also a president who isn’t afraid of government shutdowns, as he’s already demonstrated. We’re not talking about a Bush here. This is The Donald.

The upshot is that I think this actually paves the way for Trump to enjoy a casual cruise to re-election in 2020.

He’s a master at ridiculing and belittling his opposition. Like it or not, he does it masterfully, and Pelosi and Company are going to give him plenty of ammunition.

If Pelosi’s House actually does impeach him – which will be a futile gesture since conviction and removal from office will die in the Senate – it will be viewed as the political stunt it is and redound to Trump’s benefit.

Mueller’s eternal joke of an “investigation” will be revealed as the waste of time and money it was, and will be over, gone, and forgotten.

All the while Trump and McConnell will be ushering judicial and other presidential appointments through the Senate confirmation process, the same process that brought us Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, among many others.

The Dem/socialists don’t even have a viable presidential candidate, at least as of now. Who are they going to run? “Lie-A-Watha” Elizabeth Warren? Cory “Spartacus” Booker? “Lunchbucket” Joe Biden?

I have to say, I’m kind of looking forward to the next couple of years. It looks to me like a lot of good material to write about.

Let’s raise the curtain! It’s show time!



©Brian Baker 2018

(Also published today in my local newspaper, The Signal)

21 comments on “The Kabuki Starts in Three… Two… One…

  1. ItsJo says:

    An Excellent article Brian, that gave me “A good laugh, AND Hope, as I too look forward to our Dear POTUS Trump doing what NO OTHER President has done in Years and Years. I feel even though the “Leftist Media attack him 24/7, POTUS Trump IS TOUGH, and he just moves forward with what he promised to the American People and this Republic.”

    Again, great article, as it indeed is “Political Kabuki Theater from Corrupt Dems and their Holly-woodheads and the Liberal Media(Another Arm of the Corrupt Democrat Party)”

  2. Kathy says:

    Between all the investigations and hearings the Dems plan to hold, they may not have time for any legislation, but I sure hope so. It will be fun watching McConnell (hopefully his new backbone is still attached) and Trump blast their attempts.

    Y’know…if Maxine was green she’d look just like the Grinch.

  3. CW says:

    I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the show, Brian, though I agree it promises to be a wild ride.

    I am finally at an age when I know the futility of making political predictions beyond the week before an election. I can only hope that with people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters front and center again Americans will be reminded of why they rejected Democrat leadership back in 2008. But the Left are very cunning people, and right now they are scheming for ways to continue to divide and pit us against one another: black against white, female against male, poor against rich…. Combating this is going to require some clever counter-scheming and the discipline to stay on message, which isn’t one of Trump’s strong suits.

    I’m not as confident as you are in Trump’s ability to cruise to election in 2020, unless Democrats are foolish enough to run HRC again or go with someone like sleazy Joe Biden or Spartacus Booker. If they wise up and run someone like Julian Castro, however, I think Trump could be in real trouble, as Castro’s youth and personality would provide a real contrast with Trump and Castro could potentially solidify the Hispanic vote. This is the problem with cult-of-personality candidates. They can only take you so far. Ultimately we need to continue the economic boom and/or a leader who can reverse the momentum of culture change away from the childish, socialist mentality that is taking over the country. I remain unconvinced that Trump understands the necessity of persuading people about the real dangers of creeping socialism.

    • BrianR says:

      Great comment.

      I agree with quite a bit of what you wrote, actually. I’ve maintained for years that we’re in the midst of an actual civil war in this country, which has been pretty bloodless… so far.

      But as with any war, there’s a winner and a loser. And there’s certainly NO guarantee that we’re going to be the winners in this conflict of ideologies. Far from it. In fact, if our “side” doesn’t wise up and learn how to fight better, we’re gonna lose. Frankly, based on the historical arc and record of the last 50 years, things do NOT look good for us.


      • CW says:

        Well we have a big disadvantage because the socialists can bribe people with our money. Until we figure out a way to put a stop to that our Republic’s eventual destruction is inevitable.

      • BrianR says:

        Absolutely. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote.

  4. Grey Neely says:

    I enjoyed your article, Brian. And I have to agree that since the November election (which was only a week ago), the Democrats are becoming funnier than any comedy movie of the last 30 years. And their corruption is so plainly evident (i.e., see the Florida elections), that their corruption by the year 2020 should be breath-taking.

    All the while, Trump and the GOP Senate will be installing more and more conservative judges. And all the while, the Democrats and their minions will be screaming and rioting in the streets. And if Trump and the GOP Senate get to install another Supreme Court justice (a very likely event), I expect some of the Democrats to go absolutely insane.

    As you said, “I have to say, I’m kind of looking forward to the next couple of years. It looks to me like a lot of good material to write about.”

  5. MJP7200 says:

    “I’d like to have an argument…” (see, Monty Python.) Just don’t sell me a parrot…

    But I am in agreement with CW. I do not look forward to two years of crap. I am tired of it. We are imploding and we are imploding because people are too stupid to figure it out. The “it”, of course, is that they don’t have to hate those who disagree with them.

    But that is the line they are being sold, that the folks on other side are pure evil. Most people just want to live their lives and don’t care about most of t his crap, but it is increasingly being shoved down their throats. Someone needs to step up before our civil war becomes a hot war rather than the cold war it is now.

    • BrianR says:

      Mike, don’t get me wrong! I ABSOLUTELY wish we’d had a resounding victory. Nothing would have pleased me more.

      BTW, how’d you do? I haven’t seen anything related to your own campaign results at your blog.

      • MJP7200 says:

        I hear ya. But its not just the victory that would be nice, its the climate around politics.

        I did not win, but given that I was a write in I am content, if disappointed. I won 40% of the vote (just shy of 6000 out of about 14000) against a woman who essentially was an incumbent as the deputy treasurer. This was also my first foray into running for anything.

        I just posted something today, expressing my frustration at everything. Its crazy. I mean we cannot even watch TV without getting bombarded with political messaging (and it is almost always progressive).

      • BrianR says:

        True, but that political climate is simply reflective of the broader realities of the problems we have in this country, and indeed worldwide.

        You folks who aren’t as old as I am can’t conceive of how absolutely absurd Macron’s comments seem to someone who came of age in the post-WW2 era. We SAVED France from destruction… twice! WTF is he babbling about? That’s just one example, and doesn’t even contemplate our domestic scene.

        Kudos on that impressive election result!

  6. Hardnox says:

    The left will be a total clown show. I’ve never seen dumber adults in my lifetime. Frankly, WTF are they trying to sell? Open Borders, Citizenship to all, Higher Taxes, Bigger Government, ObamaCare, Homo-Everything, White people suck,…

    Material? You bet. No shortage of material. Bwhahahaha.

  7. Hopeful says:

    Well, Brian, it looks like we both were wrong about the election. You got Katie Hill (doesn’t think Cemex is a problem) & we got Krysten Sinema (getting accolades for being the 1st woman Senator from AZ even though she repeatedly said negative things about AZ and the people who live here). I never would have thought I would move from one Conservative Community that turned Blue to another Conservative Community that turned Purple…man, I sure miss the color Red!

    • BrianR says:

      Well, Hopeful…. what can I say?

      Life’s a comedy with tragic undertones. Or as the old saying goes, “life’s a bitch, and then you die”.

      Now THERE’S something to brighten your day, right?

  8. Well-written analysis of the midterms.

  9. libertarian1970 says:

    How many times has the GOP controlled the Presidency and BOTH houses of congress since GWB was elected…like 8 years? They controlled at least one house of congress for most of Obama’s and Clinton’s combined 16 years in office…

    And yet they’ve utterly failed to accomplish much of anything of value…indeed, contrary to rolling-back the Progressive status quo, they’ve actually EXPANDED the federal govt’s role domestically and esp. internationally…the never-ending WOT (wasting TRILLION$ on wars for Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Energy Politics)…continuing NATO, despite the demise of the Warsaw Pact, to defend socialism in Europe (now including guarantees to ‘essential’ allies like the Baltic States & Albania)…continuing to pay for the defense of rich ASEAN ‘partners’ Japan, S. Korea, Australia/New Zealand, etc.

    I wonder if “cut-and-run isolationist” Ron Paul isn’t looking so bad to Conservatives these days…?

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