The Asylum Scam

I often find columns by our resident leftists to be entertaining, and even amusing, and Anthony Breznican’s “Debunking Baker’s Latest Column” on 10 July (Link) was no exception.

He starts out with the SOP leftist bleat about being victimized: “(Baker) also decided to make a series of personal attacks against me, but I’ll ignore those insults and distortions. They are beneath our community newspaper.”

What was that “insult”? I said he lied to his kids. But what does he call the things I wrote that he’s “debunking”? “Baker Lie”, in boldface type and all. I guess it’s not “beneath our community newspaper” if he’s doing it. Hypocrisy, anyone?

I’ve been debating leftists for literally decades, and I’m still amazed at their lack of self-awareness.

I think his first “debunking” is instructive of the quality of his material:

BAKER LIE: ‘… they wouldn’t have been separated from their kids, which is exactly the same thing that happens to ANY lawbreaker who’s arrested for any crime.’

“THE TRUTH: Crossing the border is a misdemeanor, seldom prosecuted in cases of asylum seekers. USA Today reports it usually comes with a fine of $10. This is like someone ringing your doorbell to ask for help after a car accident — and you calling the police to have them arrested for trespassing. American law has never mandated seizing the children of people charged with misdemeanors. Ask anyone who has been caught driving without a license, or shoplifting, or engaging in disorderly conduct. In America, the punishment fits the crime, and caging young children over a misdemeanor is cruel and unusual.”

Now, while the majority of what he wrote is actually true, it doesn’t directly respond to, or in any way negate, what I specifically wrote. In fact, it’s pretty much irrelevant. There are a whole lot of misdemeanors for which people are jailed. The definition of a “misdemeanor” is that it is a crime for which the maximum sentence is one year or less in jail. And just as I wrote, if someone is sent to jail – for whatever length of time – their kids don’t accompany them. What Breznican is doing here is indulging in the timeworn leftist tactic of misdirection and obfuscation. That’s pretty much his go-to SOP.

Further, those kids weren’t “caged”. They were placed in facilities which are more accurately likened to daycare facilities. But then, there’s no emotional drama in that, is there?

A bit later he writes:

BAKER LIE: He writes about the Obama administration’s policy of processing the claims of asylum seekers and then releasing them on bond with a court date. In court, their request for asylum will either be accepted or denied. ‘Those illegal aliens for the most part never showed up in court for their hearings,’ he writes.”

But that’s not what I wrote. I didn’t restrict my statement to “asylum seekers”. Yet another attempted bait-and-switch.

Which brings me to what I believe is the underlying, and far more important, reality of this issue. This was clearly illustrated by the now-infamous cover photo of the July 2 edition of Time magazine. That cover juxtaposed a picture of a crying little girl looking up at a seemingly indifferent Trump, symbolizing his – and I assume others’ who aren’t part of the illegal alien lobby – lack of empathy for those seeking “asylum” at our southern border.

But even before publication it became known that the kid’s mother wasn’t actually a legitimate “asylum” seeker, and had in fact taken the kid to be used as the “beard” for the mother’s request for asylum, which itself was phony. It turns out that Mom had taken the little girl without Dad’s knowledge (Link), and that she was never, in fact, separated from her daughter at all.

Yet even though they knew that their cover illustration was a lie, Time decided to go ahead with it anyway. False and misleading or not, it made a political point for them that they wanted to have made. So much for integrity from the left, at least on this issue (and almost any other, in my experience).

Ask yourself this question: if someone from Central America truly wants legitimate asylum, why would they go all the way to the US border when they have to pass through Mexico to get there, a country with very accommodating laws on asylum and immigration? (Mexican asylum) Why wouldn’t they just stay in Mexico?

The reality is that our border has been under invasion for decades, and I think that in many, if not most, cases this “asylum” claim is just a scam. People in Central America can read the news and access the internet just as easily as you and I can. There are hordes of lawyers who specialize in the subject, not to mention those, such as the coyotes, who profit from motivating people to make the trek.

Those people know that if they can pluck the heartstrings of America and get us weeping about little kids there’s one heckuva chance that once they show up at the border and wrap themselves in the mantle of asylum with a couple of cute kids in tow, they’ll wind up getting to stay.

Could this be why there’s been a 1700+ percent (!) increase in asylum claims at our southern border in the last ten years? (Percentage increase) I think we’re being gamed.

What do you think?


©Brian Baker 2018


(Also published today in my local newspaper, The Signal)

18 comments on “The Asylum Scam

  1. MJP7200 says:

    The media knows full well what it is doing…

  2. Kathy says:

    There’s a huge misperception about the qualifications for asylum. The guidelines for it are much stricter than these illegals (and the Dems) realize and most of them don’t qualify. All they know is the spiel they were taught to use by the coyotes or whoever helped them get here. If they were truly after asylum, there’s American embassies in their countries and about a dozen of them in Mexico where they could go and apply.

    The bottom line is they just want into the US because they know how lax our system is and there’s a good chance they won’t get sent back. In many cases, those kids are nothing but tools for the adults and get cast aside once they’re on this side of the border. Then there’s the kids who are being trafficked and the ones who are sent here alone. But focusing on those kids doesn’t help further the Dems’ agenda, does it?

  3. Hardnox says:

    It seems your nemesis does not understand the definition of a liar since he is stuck in some alternate reality. Facts are facts whether one likes them or not.

    This whole wave of illegals and so-called asylum seekers is a plan that was orchestrated and executed by the leftists in this country, who have not been able to push forward their shitty ideas and because they fear normal people needed to import people that are devoid of our ethics, culture, and lean towards socialism in the first place. It’s simply a numbers game to the left (and their Gop enablers) for full control of this country.

    Let’s not forget Valerie Ratface Jarrett visited Guatemala at least 6 times. She didn’t go there for the climate.

    It is disgusting we have a media that is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the left who claim to be for the children while the children are being exploited, abandoned, abused, and often murdered as pawns in their sick game of conquest.

    • BrianR says:

      “It seems your nemesis does not understand the definition of a liar since he is stuck in some alternate reality.”

      LOL! Ya think?

      This is pretty much exactly what the book I’m writing uses as its central theme.

  4. A migrant is fleeing poverty. A refugee is fleeing war, violence or persecution.

    The radical left wants open borders for migrants.

  5. CW says:

    Ironically the very premise of Breznican’s post “debunking” your article starts with a LIE when he refers to “….the Trump administration’s policy of jailing the children of peaceful asylum seekers.” Trump is not “jailing” the children and the people in question are not legitimate “asylum seekers;” but as you noted in your own words, any time a leftist plays at engaging in debate he will inevitably attempt to put his thumb on the scale by mischaracterizing what’s actually going on. It’s the only way they can win.

    As Kathy honed in on, the ruse of “seeking asylum” has become the invaders newest favorite method of getting around U.S. immigration policy, which means it’s now the Left’s favorite lie when – as would be expected – they act as enablers to the invaders. I’ll concede that I’m not familiar with our laws on how asylum works, but I would be willing to bet good money that the laws weren’t designed to have masses of people simply hopping rides on caravans to the border so they can stroll across with nothing more than a $10 fine. That’s just what my nose tells me and I wouldn’t trust USA Today (or as my husband calls it, The All Obama News) to get the facts right. The people who are coming are not what asylum was intended for, and their methods of coming in are not how the process was supposed to work, which means that these are not “the children of peaceful asylum seekers,” as Breznican LIES, but instead these are the children of people who are criminally invading our country with the help of traitors like Breznican. That changes the entire debate, but Breznican understands that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on if he allows readers to see the truth of what’s going on.

    Looking at his post and the comments on it I saw that one commenter said this:

    “Anthony. Illegal entry into the US is covered by US Code 1325. The first offense penalty is covered under Title 18 invoking a fine of $50 to $250 and a possible imprisonment of 6 months to 2 years.”

    Anthony didn’t respond. This is the problem with these types of debates. Anthony opines as if he’s some expert on the subject when ultimately he’s just another lying leftist handpicking tidbits from untrustworthy “news” sites to convince us that what we don’t see what we clearly see.

    • BrianR says:

      Well, CW, one of the leftists who commented on the thread in The Signal on this column wrote in part: “Baker shows no sense of heart, and makes light of anyone who finds cruelty to children as unacceptable.”

      So, my dear, it looks as if YOU have “no sense of heart”, either. You’re a cold, heartless, indifferent, xenophobic, racist Nazi. Get used to it.

      That’s what passes for “debate” from the American Marxists nowadays. BTW, that’s a really outstanding comment. It could be a column of your own over at Pesky Truth (hint, hint).

      • CW says:

        Oh yes, I know Brian. I’m a real meanie, or so said my children when they were pouting because they had to follow our rules. I put these childish complaints in the same category. These are the same people, mind you, who think it’s funny to mimic beheading Donald Trump and hanging Sarah Palin in effigy, so I consider the source and I give their whining the seriousness it deserves (i.e. I laugh).

        One thing I forgot to say earlier had to do with this self-serving analogy from Breznican:

        “This is like someone ringing your doorbell to ask for help after a car accident — and you calling the police to have them arrested for trespassing.”

        Nice try, Breznican, but WRONG. Here’s a more appropriate analogy:

        If there was a car accident, it’s because “someone” didn’t make the effort to maintain their car because that would be too hard and require too much sacrifice. Instead, they drove around on bald tires with headlights that were out, and the predictable happened. But wait – this “accident” didn’t just serendipitously happen in front of the driveway of some kind stranger. After crashing the car they didn’t maintain, “someone” did a bit of research and found out who had the nicest home with a nagging liberal living in it, then they plotted a course and traveled thousands of miles (paying thousands of dollars for a guide) to end up precisely on that person’s doorstep. Once there, “someone” didn’t bother ringing the bell. She stormed into the house uninvited dragging her two small children, and then played upon the ego (notice I didn’t say big heart) of the resident liberal who betrayed his housemate and called her an immigration attorney. Then he shamed his housemate for not wanting to share his home and take care of the trespassers.

        But I guess the more fitting analogy doesn’t fit Breznican’s image of himself as the champion of the innocent, helpless victim.

      • BrianR says:


        Well, there it is!

  6. Hardnox says:

    One more thing… there are dozens if not hundreds of organizations that PROFIT from administering aid/benefits to the alleged asylum seekers/refugees. As always follow the money. Under the Brown Clown’s administration, they industrialized the fleecing of our treasury.

    • BrianR says:

      Oh, hell yes. I even alluded to that directly. There’s HUGE bucks in it, which is one of the reasons the cartels are getting into the coyote business.

  7. One can only wonder how much better off we’d be today had Reagan not granted amnesty back in the 1980’s…he 100% turned California eternally Blue/Socialist…and very likely set us on the path to National Suicide-by-illegal-immigration.

    • BrianR says:

      There’s no doubt he got totally swindled by the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli “deal”. He actually expected the socialists to live up to their end of the bargain.

      He later went on to publicly regret it as one of the worst decisions he made as Prez. Rightfully so.

      • Him being ‘deceived’ and ‘regretting’ it frankly makes no difference to me & I’m beyond tired of hearing Conservatives make excuses for this New Deal Democrat.

        Reagan has got to be one of the most overrated Presidents ever.

        He also went along with the federal unfunded mandated ‘free’ emergency room care for all (including illegals)…which was a big step along the road to Obamacare, which will likely lead to some form of socialized HC.

        Also went along w/a totally unnecessary military build-up, enshrined record-breaking-deficits as ‘normal’, increased the DOE’s budget, etc. Truly a fraud of epic proportions.

      • BrianR says:

        And I’m bored to tears hearing pie-in-the-sky extreme Libertarians endlessly bleating about how their vision of an unattainable political reality is being “violated”, and generally being rude and abrasive about it.

        The big difference between you and me is that I own this blog. I’m the guy who gets to decide what does and doesn’t get published. So, you’ve now had your say. You’re perfectly free to start your own blog where you can preach your ideology as stridently as you like. This isn’t that place.

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