Who’s Responsible for Lawbreakers’ Kids?


The latest outrage du jour from the left is the separation of the children of illegal aliens from their parents if those adults are put into detention after being caught sneaking across the border.

Is it sad? Of course it is. No one likes the idea of kids being separated from their parents. But who’s actually responsible for it occurring?

When parents are arrested for other crimes – let’s say embezzlement, for the sake of discussion – what happens to their kids when the parents are locked up? Are the kids sent to jail, too, so that they’re not “taken away” from their parents? Of course not. The idea’s frankly absurd.

Those kids are placed in some form of foster care pending the outcome of the legal proceedings, and any incarceration that might follow. That’s exactly what takes place with the kids of these illegal aliens: the kids are placed in the care of agencies whose function is to take care of them.

This policy and practice isn’t “Trump’s fault”, though the left and the Never Trumpers seem to relish trying to make that argument. It’s the law, plain and simple, and it’s also good practice as far as the welfare of the kids goes, considering the circumstances.

Just like the hypothetical embezzlers I mentioned above, the illegal alien parents made the decision to break the law and cross the border illegally. That’s indisputable. Therefore, if anyone’s at fault for their kids being taken away and put into foster or institutional care, it’s the parents themselves.

What are the alternatives being proposed by those who oppose this practice? As far as I can tell, the silence is pretty deafening, other than some vague idea that Trump must “do something” to change this practice. But do what?

The law requires this practice. So is Trump supposed to ignore the law? We all know that Obama did that all the time, legislating by fiat with his “pen and a phone”, but that certainly doesn’t make it proper or legal. Trump isn’t Obama (thank God).

Is this yet another emotional hook the illegal alien lobby can hang their open borders agenda on? You bet it is. The American left and the cheap labor advocates, along with the Never Trumpers, are tugging the heartstrings of the country, hoping to advance their cause.

The net effect would be to once again turn illegal aliens into even more of a special class that’s immune to the regular order of law, granting them more special privileges that don’t apply to American citizens, such as our embezzlers. Let’s be honest here. The real, though unstated, goal of all this noise is to stop the practice altogether of detaining border jumpers.

Well, then, maybe we should just stop incarcerating all lawbreakers who have kids. Why not? If that separation is unbearably cruel for the kids of illegal aliens, is it any less cruel for the kids of other lawbreakers?

If people want this practice to end, the proper way to do that is to enact some legislation to that effect. Unless and until that happens, current law defines the practice.



©Brian Baker 2018

(Also published today in  The Signal)


24 comments on “Who’s Responsible for Lawbreakers’ Kids?

  1. William H Taylor says:

    The Socialist Democratic party is not concerned with those kids nor the aborted children. All they are concerned with is votes

  2. Nee says:

    I am sick to death of yet another cause du jour from the left. In 1997 Clinton’s SCOTUS decided the case that makes Trump’s enforcement 100% legal. Not only that but there are quotes from Billy Jeff, HRC and BHO from 1992, 2003, and 2013 that state they believe in the rule of law. Bush was always pro-amnesty, but upheld the laws as written as far as I could find. The idea that the MFMC is portraying detention centers as Nazi camps is absolutely infuriating because they are getting 3 squares and 5 hours of schooling a day and no one is being sent to an oven.

    Unless the years 1939-44 or East Berlin still existed? I would never take my children anywhere illegally without a guarantee. How do they NOT know that breaking the law has consequences? You or I could not get into Mexico illegally or we would be instantly deported. You or I cannot take advantage of any social systems as foreigners like happens here. AYFKM?

    The media must continually change the narrative to combat all the positive that Trump gets done. Heard any collusion stories, lately? (I crack myself up!!)

    • BrianR says:

      Great stuff, Nee. I couldn’t agree more. And funnily enough, this same policy was in place throughout the Obozo administration without a PEEP from anybody. Where was all the outrage THEN?

  3. Kathy says:

    Here’s a theory. Since we all (including the Dems) know this has been an ongoing issue, maybe the reason for the timing of this particular flare-up is to distract people’s attention away from the FBI corruption issue.

    It’s easier to get people focused on something that tugs at their emotions, rather than a legal issue that many don’t understand anyway. The Dems are pros at controlling the stage in that regard.

    • BrianR says:

      Oh, I think there’s little doubt about that, Kathy, though I’m not sure it’s the FBI issue per se.

      We’re getting into election season, and the Dem/socialists want to gin up the electorate as much as possible. They always use emotional issues, and this is just another one of those.

      A couple of months ago it was the kids from the school shooting (I wonder if David Hogg is wondering where all the cameras went?), today it’s the kids at the border, next month it’ll be something else.

      We’re talking about the Party Of Continual Outrage, after all. Gotta keep the peeps riled up, don’tcha know.

      • Kathy says:

        Absolutely, Brian.

        Saw a great comment earlier: Lasr month the Dems loved a porn star, this month it’s all about family values. If nothing else, they are flexible.

        Can’t wait to see what the cause du jour is next month.

      • BrianR says:


        Yeah, I’m all atwitter in anticipation…

  4. MJP7200 says:

    Well, its a tough issue. No one likes to see kids separated, which is one reason why punishing crime is so difficult and hard on families. Yet, there are a number of things that are disgusting about the use of this story from the left. You’ve talked about most of them, but the worst as far as I am concerned is how this has been the case for decades and only now is it coming an issue. The release of the sound effects of kids crying is disgusting, as if it changes the reality. But it is hard to listen to kids cry when you know they are separated from their parents. Hence the emotional ploy.

    I wonder what HRC would have done, or Jeb for that matter, had this come out under their tutelage. I am not even sure it would have come out, but their reaction would probably be the same as Trumps…

    • BrianR says:

      I think you give the Hildebeast and JEB! waaaaaaaay too much credit. No way would they have stuck with it as long as Trump has. They’d have caved in less than a minute. And, of course, further opened the flood gates to illegal aliens. Hell, both of them are part of the illegal alien lobby!

      • MJP7200 says:

        LOL. I am sure you are right. But I still think this would not be the issue it is now under Trump if it were either of those two. Giant eye roll. Something would differentiate the issue, but no, its Trump.

        I have no problem with changing that situation to keep folks together, but the more I am reading, it seems possible that many of these kids didn’t even come with their parents. So, the parents sent them on alone. Beautiful.

        And I also am appalled that this has become the football it has become. But, I guess nothing should surprise me anymore.

      • BrianR says:

        Bro! You should know by now that if it wasn’t this it would be some other crisis du jour!

        A month ago it was David Hogg and all his bratty buds. Today it’s this. Tomorrow it’ll be something else. THEY HATE THAT TRUMP WON AND DUMPY FRUMP DIDN’T!

      • MJP7200 says:

        Look squirrel!

        Oh I know… I am just always optimistic… Naivemy I am sure…

      • BrianR says:


        This is beyond optimism. I could understand optimism if there was some basis for it. This is more like Jiminy Cricket singing about wishing on a star.

      • MJP7200 says:

        Hah. Maybe. And it hit me read ing your firist response the danger in a partisan media. Those who control the narrative control everything.

        Of course I had seen tbis before, but the desparation and dishonesty the leftist media is showing to retain that control is not just disgusting but dangerous.

        Besides implementing government control or seeing a generation of honest reporters come in, there is no hope.

      • BrianR says:

        Well, I couldn’t agree more, sadly.

        I’ve been saying for literally decades that we’re following the historical arc of the Western Roman Empire. I just didn’t think it could fall apart THIS fast. I thought I’d outlive it.

        I’m not even sanguine about that anymore.

      • MJP7200 says:

        Right on. Just wrote a post on this and how the media is a problem. Not speech, but the media. Come check it out if you get a chance. thedigressor.com

      • BrianR says:

        Be over in a bit.

  5. garnet92 says:

    The left in general and the democrats in particular, view Donald Trump as a threat that must be destroyed. He cannot be allowed to succeed because his success ensures that democrats won’t win elections, consequently, anything that President Trump achieves must be denigrated, demeaned, and dismissed.

    The media dislikes conservatives and Republicans, but they HATE President Trump and will do anything (including lie and obfuscate) to prevent widespread public exposure of his successes – they’ll sit on that news.

    At the same time, they’ll do everything they can to publicize (as often as possible) any activities or statements that they can cast as negative or damaging to him.

    The word hypocrisy might apply in other contexts, but in the case of the media and their treatment of President Trump, is woefully inadequate. We all know that the law that the president is following wasn’t signed by him, he didn’t mandate the separation of parents and children. And he’s not the first president to separate children from parents, Obama did it as well, although he later chose to release the families after 20 days with the “promise” that they’d return for a hearing – guess what, about 3% returned, the rest are scattered throughout our population, free without any adjudication.

    But none of that matters, it’s happening now while Trump is president and therefore it’s all Trump’s fault and he will suffer all of the consequences that the might of the media can bring to bear.

    • BrianR says:

      All true, but don’t forget their accessories, the Never Trumpers and their Establishment GOP hack buddies.

  6. captbogus2 says:

    I’m afraid President Trump is starting to buckle to the continuous pressure.

  7. Terry says:

    I concur with every word above.
    I would also like to add that I hope some of the “inhumane child internment camps” can be used for better things ( like temp facilities for our homeless vets perhaps ) after we send the reunited leeches and their pawn children back across the Rio. It would be a Yuuge improvement for many of them.

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