Political ‘purity’ demand deserves ‘blue wall’

(This column, written by me, was published today in my local newspaper, The Signal) 


In his Sept. 7 column “Heeding Robert E. Lee’s advice,” (here) Jim de Bree told us of how, as a youth, he was “obsessed” – his word – with Civil War-era history, and how statuary and monuments to Confederate heroes helped him understand the context of that conflict.

He goes on to say that perhaps the time has come to reassess the propriety of the continued display of such monuments, particularly in light of the current political climate.

Though many of his points are well-taken, the “statue problem” of today doesn’t fall into the orderly historical model.

If municipalities (for example) want to erect public monuments, they usually go through a public democratic process to decide whether or not to do so. The ongoing process of installing a monument to our local war KIA in Veterans Plaza is an excellent example. It’s been going on for over a year, and now we’ve finally broken ground to actually install it.

The same process is available to determine whether or not to remove such monuments. And in my opinion every jurisdiction certainly has the right and power to determine for itself whether to erect or remove such monuments. It’s a deliberative mechanism.

Of course, it’s even simpler on private property. The property owner can erect, or remove, pretty much whatever he or she wants.

But what’s different now is that we don’t have an orderly process taking place. We have mobs, ginned up with sanctimonious outrage, running around creating riots, threatening and carrying out violent acts, and defacing statuary.

More than anything else, they remind me of the Taliban taking over in Afghanistan, then destroying thousand-year-old statuary because it didn’t conform to their religious fervor.

Further, the current “outrage” doesn’t confine itself just to Civil War Confederate figures. There have already been calls to shun, or even take down, the Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson owned slaves. The Lincoln Memorial has been defaced.

There’s no end in sight to the iconoclasm of the fanatics in their efforts to impose some undefined and amorphous requirement for political “purity” on historical figures.

The very first step toward putting an end to this nonsense is for the legitimate institutions of this country – the city councils, universities, media, state governments, everyone – to stop giving credence to these outlaws – which is exactly what they are – and meet their violence with a “blue wall” of cops, backed up with high-pressure fire hoses and tear gas, ready to deploy at the very first hint of violence, followed by the arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of any and all offenders.

Then we have to stop treating the demand for purity with any legitimacy at all. It should be met with the scorn and mockery it so richly deserves.

Until those things happen, I think the lunacy will simply continue.



©Brian Baker 2017


26 comments on “Political ‘purity’ demand deserves ‘blue wall’

  1. Bill Taylor says:

    Mr. Brian, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I don’t know for sure where we started loosing it. I guess I must have been working long hours and trying to raise a family of non-entitled deplorables. Somehow we have to get the fed out of our personal lives. They could start by doing away with most of the alphabet departments like the Department of Education, EPA etc. We need to cut congressional salaries down to where the politicians will quit making a career out of their lying ways. We need a Judicial Branch that will treat the political elite the same as the murderers and drug dealers on the street.
    Our educators need to be vetted the same as immigrants. They need to go back to the old days of being educators instead of propaganda mouth pieces. Lastly I believe we need to preserve our nations history no matter who’s feelings are hurt.

  2. Kathy says:

    If it weren’t for those statues, monuments and memorials some people would never learn about our history, both Civil War and otherwise. I’ve seen kids go through school and only absorb enough history to pass the tests, the rest they learn once they’re out in the world and see some of those historical things.

    The idiots who are tearing them down are taking away that educational moment, and I’m not talking about the antifa thugs, although they’re guilty too. I’m talking about the mayors, governors, etc that are caving to the PC sensitivity garbage and ordering them down. Like in Dallas, they’re caving before there’s even a complaint and police are a useless defense when that happens.

    You’re right that they won’t stop, until we stop them. With so many spineless leaders, I guess we’re going to need to form our own anti-antifa group and guard historical figures 24/7. Armed guards that shoot and ask question later would be my suggestion.

    • BrianR says:

      The way things in general are going in this country, we may be getting to that point whether we want to or not.

      Thanks, Kathy.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Tried to leave a comment. Couldn’t get one in context with the program. I’ll try again tomorrow. Meanwhile I have another Tito’s & Grapefruit juice & soda…..

  4. Grey Neely says:

    Being from the South and having several Confederate vets in my family tree, I perhaps am a little bit prejudiced about this whole Confederate statues issue. (My own personal library of books on the War Between the States consists of over 200 books.) But here is my take on all of this.

    First, these statues and monuments were installed in many cases by monetary contributions of many people who are now dead. If they had even considered the possibility of these statues and monuments being torn down or allowed to be torn down by the government, they would have set up some type of legal measures requiring the government to “repair” these statues. (In the case of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s statue in Memphis, I am sure these legal measures would require the City of Memphis to refund to the Forrest family the price of the land donated to the City of Memphis by General Forrest. This amount would now be well over ten or twenty million dollars.)

    Second, who gets to determine what statues or monuments go? If all we need is a mob, I am sure I could get enough people to start tearing down every Clinton or Obama monument in this country.

    Third, it is the citizens who must now require that the government protect and/or repair these statues or monuments. And if the current politicians will not do so they must be voted out of office and the government sued for damages. I have heard that the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of the Confederate Veterans are in the process of doing just that.

    Personally, I hope that violence does not begin over these statues and monuments. The men (of both sides) who are honored by these monuments would not want that.

    • BrianR says:

      Grey, that’s a hell of an interesting point about the conditions that were attached to the original installations of the monuments. It hadn’t occurred to me, and I think it’s very fundamental.

      You raise another point, too, that fascinates me. Are there actually any monuments to Clinton or Obozo in this country?

      Great points.

    • The Crawfish says:

      Remove any monument to FDR, Wilson, Kennedy, and El BJ

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good article bro.

    The left had a taste of near 100% control. The election of Trump ruined their wet dreams. Now they are grabbing at any and all straws to maintain relevance. First, it was the Russians, then muslims, now it’s racism, next week it will be something else. Fortunately, many Americans are wise to their crap.

    Sadly, there are waaay too many that are being led like sheep. If the admin wants to end this insanity they need to neuter those paying for the insanity, namely Soros.

  6. captbogus2 says:

    We have all read how history has been written by the winning side and that is true. So true. The attitude today is every white person in the South owned slaves is a spinoff if that truism. Further from the truth you cannot get. Things the winning (if you can call them that) side wanted was a reunification of the Union and to that end they were willing to throw the Negroes under the bus. The War Between the States was NOT about slavery. It was about a Mafia contract ala once in, never out.The signatories of the Declaration of Independence never figured there would be such a turmoil as to divide the country after (and if) it became a country. Short sightedness on our forefathers. There are so many laws, rules & regulations for living in today’s society that generations as late as my grandparents would probably die on their front step with rifle in hand were it to be enforced. Yet, we docile pets of the new era take no notice.
    President Trump would have been a great leader even 15 years ago but the time has passed. The National Debt has surpassed the repayment mark, Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi illustrate who the fuck we have to represent ..even.. our opposition..in C ongress and we cannot still get a vote from such traitors as John McCain, Whom I Call OUt NOW!

    JOHN McCain! You are a Traitor to your country. You are a disgrace to My Navy, to your father’s Navy and your Grandfather’s Navy. You are a disgrace to Arizona and You are a disgrace to the human race.

  7. Terry says:

    When do you suppose the anti-racism paid thugs will get around to tearing down or blowing up the dozens of monuments, highways, and bridges dedicated to lifetime dem senator, KKK grand lizard, Killery mentor, and racist extraordinaire Robert Byrd ?

    Most of the idiots were totally unaware of any of the monuments they are destroying before Uncle George paid them to be.

  8. CW says:

    Very well said, Brian.

    The first part of your letter really hits the nail on the head as far as what’s at issue here, which as you rightly point out is the principle of democracy on which this nation is founded. The bullies on the Left are attempting to usurp the right to make decisions with respect to the monuments and symbols that exist in this country when the right to make these decisions belongs to ALL of us. It is a dangerous trend that goes beyond this issue, therefore it is critical that we strongly re-affirm our right to have an equal say in these decisions regardless of what we think about preserving these monuments. This is a watershed moment in which, should we fail to stand up and defend the proper process, democracy as we know it will be severely compromised and change through intimidation will become the new order of the day.

    Thanks for putting in the effort to wake people up.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, CW, and very well said yourself. Thanks for taking the time to post that great comment.

      I’m hitting another topic Friday, which is when the local newspaper’s publishing my next column, so I’ll be posting it here. It’s on yet another issue where the Left is attacking our liberties.

      • CW says:

        “It’s on yet another issue where the Left is attacking our liberties.”

        That doesn’t narrow it down much, Brian!

        I’ll keep an eye open for your post. Thanks for the heads up

      • BrianR says:


        You’re right. It doesn’t, nowadays!

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