“Transgendered” In the Military: No


I wanna be an Airborne Ranger,
I wanna lead a life of danger,
I wanna go to Vietnam,
I wanna kill some Viet Cong.

– Vietnam Era double-time cadence


As I’m writing this it’s been a few days since President Trump declared that transgendered people will no longer be allowed to join the military. As an Army veteran, I strongly applaud that decision.

Restrictions on who can serve in the military are nothing new. There are many conditions that can prohibit people from serving: deafness, blindness, asthma, epilepsy, age, lack of education, criminal record, height and weight restrictions, low IQ, psychological conditions, and many more. Each of these criteria categorize those individuals who fail to meet the required standard as unfit to serve based on the underlying principle of what is “good for the needs of the service”, and rightfully so.

The job of the military is to kill people and blow things up. It’s not a social engineering lab. Anything that detracts from that primary mission makes it less effective, and gets the wrong people killed: our own.

In basic training one of the first things the cadre does, part of the primary goal of basic, is to subdue or eliminate individualism, because it harms the team effort. That’s why everyone gets the buzz haircut, badly fit uniforms, yelled at all the time by everybody, and driven until you drop. Because you have to get past the idea that you’re “special” and learn you’re just one cog in the machine, and only THEN can you start learning how to function effectively in a military environment.

In battle, ANYTHING that detracts from the team effort can get you killed. And there’s no such thing as “privacy”. You eat, sleep, crap, fight, bleed and die together. You can’t have disruptive issues in a unit, because again, they can get you killed.

But by their very nature, what are the transgendered? If nothing else, based on their percentage of the overall population they’re certainly not “mainstream” in any way, at “around 0.6 percent of U.S. adults” (NPR Link), which assuredly makes them different from the average soldier, if not outright “special”.

Further, “transgender” is indisputably a psychological condition or disorder*. There is a host of psychological conditions that preclude military service, so this ban isn’t breaking any new ground in that respect. Most importantly, part of the transgender existence means adopting the appearance of the opposite sex. There’s no way that can take place without being disruptive to unit cohesion, particularly if it takes place during duty periods. That’s just an inescapable truth.

Have transgendered people served, and served honorably, in the past? Without a doubt. But – and it’s a big “but” – they’ve done so without displaying their transgender proclivities. Kind of a de facto “don’t ask, don’t tell” reality. That’s not what we’re discussing now. What we’re talking about now is “trans” people serving as openly “trans”, and there’s absolutely no way that wouldn’t be disruptive.

For example, the military regulations defining uniform design and grooming standards are different for men from what they are for women. So how would that work? Would transgender men in a unit suddenly be authorized to wear skirt uniforms and man-buns? And somehow or another the other men in the unit wouldn’t react to that, and the person appearing that way? That’s a complete denial of basic human nature, on top of which it encourages the very “specialness” that basic training was designed to eliminate, as I mentioned earlier. It’s going to unavoidably affect unit cohesion, and very possibly get people killed, ultimately.

What about transgender males wanting to use the females’ latrines and shower facilities, and vice versa? Not to mention trying to accommodate this problem in the field. How would that “specialness” be worked out without a whole lot of needless disruption to operations, not to mention unit cohesion?

Further, let me ask this question: if it’s “discriminatory” to bar transgendered people from serving, don’t we then have to open the doors to convicted felons, asthmatics, epileptics, people with Down’s Syndrome, blind people, and anyone and everyone else who’s currently barred from serving because they fail to meet certain required qualifications? Aren’t they being “discriminated” against, too? Isn’t the very idea of qualifications discriminatory?

So this bizarre left-wing idea that you can just dump any warm body into the military, especially combat units, without regard to any real-world concerns and everything is going to be hunky-dory is just insane.

Remember the mission: killing people and blowing things up, not social engineering.

*   http://www.icd10data.com/ICD10CM/Codes/F01-F99/F60-F69/F64-/F64.1, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_dysphoria



©Brian Baker 2017


(Also published today, in a slightly edited form, in The Signal)

26 comments on ““Transgendered” In the Military: No

  1. Bill Taylor says:

    liberals gone crazy for sure. They don’t have a clue what the real world is all about. Too many hollywood movies

  2. Hopeful says:

    Great column, Brian! As much as the Left loves to claim they rely on science, they refuse to accept scientific studies if these studies (and logic) doesn’t support their opinions. For instance, take a look at this study, which CLEARLY shows that a huge percentage of transgender people have severe mental illnesses: https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf

    Quoted from the study that looked at Suicide rates among Transgender and gender non-conforming adults:

    Key findings of this report include the following:

    • Suicide attempts among trans men
    (46%) and trans women (42%) were
    slightly higher than the full sample (41%).
    Cross-dressers assigned male at birth
    have the lowest reported prevalence of
    suicide attempts among gender identity
    groups (21%).

    • Analysis of other demographic variables
    found prevalence of suicide attempts
    was highest among those who are younger (18 to
    24: 45%), multiracial (54%) and American Indian or
    Alaska Native (56%), have lower levels of educational
    attainment (high school or less: 48-49%), and have
    lower annual household income (less than $10,000:

    • Prevalence of suicide attempts is elevated among
    those who disclose to everyone that they are
    transgender or gender-non-conforming (50%) and
    among those that report others can tell always (42%)
    or most of the time (45%) that they are transgender
    or gender non-conforming even if they don’t tell them.

    • Respondents who are HIV-positive (51%) and
    respondents with disabilities (55-65%) also have
    elevated prevalence of suicide attempts. In particular,
    65 percent of those with a mental health condition
    that substantially affects a major life activity reported
    attempting suicide.

    I agree with Trump’s stance on this issue, although I wish the President would stop tweeting and causing controversy for his policies that make sense. But honestly, with these above statistics, it is clear that Transgender individuals should not serve in the military.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, Hopeful.

      You’re absolutely right. Those stats clearly support the position. I didn’t delve into that aspect of the issue primarily due to space constraints. The Signal has a 750 word limit on columns, and even though I exceeded that by a bit, they still published it.

      But that adds a more practical aspect to the issue: actual costs associated with the medical and psychological treatment of those individuals. That’s something commonly considered in other medical/psych issues that prohibit people from serving, and in fact people are regularly discharged under Section 8 for medical reasons.

  3. Grey Neely says:

    If ever there was anything more stupid or possibly more dangerous than having transgenders serve in the military, I have yet to hear about it. The very thought of it runs cold shivers up my spine.

    The purpose of the military (as you said Brian) is to kill and destroy our enemies. It is not to be a social engineering experiment. President Obama was purposely destroying our military and transgenders in the military was just another “nail in the coffin”.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, Grey, it was Obozo giving the country the finger one more time on his way out the door. What a freaking maggot that guy is.

  4. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Brian, and the military agrees with you. Breitbart had a piece yesterday where some military leaders wrote a letter to Trump thanking him for his decision. It was always the right thing to do.


  5. Virginia Patriot says:

    Not accepting your own biological reality is a serious mental illness.
    We don’t let into the military other kinds of psychos, there is no good reason to allow this.

    Except to weaken America.

    Just like everything the Kenyanesian Usurper did.

  6. Obama dropped this turd unilaterally during the 11th hour of his ending administration. Just another passive-aggressive slap at the country and military he hates sooo deeply. But of course, Trump’s decision — on the advice of military experts — to reinstate the previously forever standing ban, creates another business-as-usual opportunity for Obamanistas to torch a straw man in public for radical-leftist consumption.

  7. captbogus2 says:

    I’m pretty sure the people who are pushing for all the perverts a place in the military have never, themselves, served in the military.

  8. Nee says:

    I have said time and again: pull up whatever biological chromosome suit you have and get over yourselves if “serving” the country is the aim!!! We are an elite fighting force…who are not subject to accepting everyone, because there seems to be a claim of a “right” to serve. Conform or get in line for your safe space and snowflake admission ticket. Spot on, Brian!!!

  9. propblast says:

    and upon believing that little diddy, becoming jump qualified, ranger “tabbed”, the next little diddy ( as in Bo Diddly) is ” we don’t go out with girls any more, we stay at home and play with our selves, wee, I’m a Ranger!”
    Class 2-72, ” school house” Ranger

    “If i die on the old drop zone, box me up and send me home. and if i die on the russian front, bury me with a……..”

    • BrianR says:

      Way to go, Propblast!

      Thanks for adding more to the cadence. I learned it in Basic, so we didn’t get all the additional verses,

  10. Terry says:

    Well thought out and written Brian.
    The mental and physical issues of these seriously confused people are concerns that no military in the world should have to deal with. They are problems that should be addressed by and kept between the freak , its medical doctors, and its shrinks, and not by finely tuned war machines providing national and world security.

  11. garnet92 says:

    Who could have predicted, just a few years, ago that we’d be discussing individuals with obvious mental disorders, who thought that they were born with the “wrong” genital equipment, serving in the military.

    I addressed this issue recently myself and came to the same conclusions as you and your commenters, WTF are these people thinking?

    I can’t think of many things that could be more obvious; we’re born as a male or a female – FULL STOP. If someone is confused when attempting to determine which one he or she is – they’re beyond a layman’s help.

    As you’ve so eloquently stated, there are a lot of things that prevent someone from serving, yet they all pale in comparison to this mental incompetency. I’d rather have a 98 lb. asthmatic high school dropout watching my back than a “transgender.”

    I believe that the reason for the LGBTQ crowd pushing this issue is that they want to add another “check” in a “normal” column, the result of which helps them to establish that all of these sexual aberrations are “normal.” Sorry, they’re NOT normal, they’re ABNORMAL, and rainbow flags and artificially created pronouns don’t change that.

    Trump did the right thing. It seems that the SJW crowd wants to modify our military into anything but what it’s supposed to be – a FIGHTING FORCE.

  12. CW says:

    That was an outstanding post, Brian.

    The push to force transgenders on the military is the old west equivalent of making a man dance by shooting at his feet. It’s to show us who’s the boss. And what better way to show who’s boss than to make thousands of manly men change their ways for what amounts to a handful of tweeners.

    I’m not the biggest Trump fan but I give him great credit for this move, because it’s what’s best for the military and because it sends the message that we won’t be pushed around.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks for the kind words, CW. High praise indeed.

      I couldn’t agree more with you, and your outstanding metaphor.

  13. captbogus2 says:

    BB: Not on trans whatevers but here is a serious question: During WWII the Soviet Union had many female soldiers in combat situations.
    How did they handle it? Did they have all woman units? Did they integrate them into the regular units? Bearing in mind this was a life or death struggle for the Soviet Union but isn’t war always a ‘Life or Death’ situation?
    If the perfumed princes insist on female soldiers in the ranks, why not ALL female units? I can actually visualize a more efficient Navy with total female crews and, believe me, as an old Swabbie, I can verify many of the Navy Waves already had the shadier portions of the Navy vernacular down pat.

    • BrianR says:

      Interesting topic, Buck, and it’s crossed my mind, too. I guess it’s one of those “great minds think alike” things.

      I don’t know what the Sovs did in WW2. I do know that Israel requires universal military service so I researched them a bit. It seems that there are very few women assigned to grunt line units, and the IDF puts the ones that are into all-women units.

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