Impeachment Hysteria Versus Reality


Our family is very politically aware (and fortunately for us and family comity, all conservatives), and as everyone with a pulse knows, virtually from Inauguration Day there have been calls for President Trump’s impeachment. The hysteria seems to be reaching a crescendo recently, dominating news coverage, and as a result I received an email the other day from one of the younger members of our clan, a Millennial:

“Hello there!

“What do you think the odds are of Trump getting impeached? That’s all I see in my news feed now!

“Brett R.”

To answer Brett’s question, I think the odds of that are pretty much zero. First of all, you’ve got to understand that the “news” feed is all pretty much just biased – and I mean to a point I’ve never before seen in my lifetime – agenda-driven rubbish.

But to the actual legalities, there has to be actual “cause” for impeachment. Per the Constitution, that means “high crimes or misdemeanors”. So, what actual “crimes” or “misdemeanors” has Trump actually committed? None that I can think of.

Then there’s political reality. Impeachment takes place in the House, and conviction takes place in the Senate and requires a 2/3 vote of the Senators to do so and remove him from office. Both the House and the Senate are controlled by the GOP. So, what are the odds of ANY of that actually happening?

Precedent. Only two sitting Presidents have ever been impeached: Andrew Johnson and “Quick-Zipper Bill” Clinton. Neither was convicted. Johnson’s impeachment was purely politically motivated, based on his Reconstruction policies, and his conviction was one vote shy. Clinton actually had committed a crime – perjury – and yet wasn’t convicted in the Senate. So, particularly in light of Pantsuit Hillary’s federal felonious actions with her email rig and the failure to indict HER, I can’t see any way an actual impeachment takes place.

Another political reality. I think impeaching Trump would actually BENEFIT him. We saw the same dynamic when Billy-Bubba was impeached: his popularity actually increased. I think the same dynamic would inure to Trump. There’s a VERY large percentage of people in this country that are simply fed up with the SOP of how both major parties have been conducting business over the last few decades. Trump’s election is the embodiment of that frustration. Impeaching him… the consequences of that could be beyond imagination.

All these impeachment noises are being made by left-wing radicals spouting moronic sound bites for public consumption; people like Maxine Waters and “Nancy the Red” Pelosi. It’s become Dem/socialist SOP to act like silly, spoiled children. And all the while they’re doing it they’re losing actual political power all across the country with the exception of a few blue coastal states like Commiefornia and Taxachussetts.

I see this as simply political Kabuki from the American socialists. Think about it. If Trump’s impeached and convicted, that doesn’t roll back the election clock and make the Pantsuit Lady President. Mike Pence becomes President! They know that as well as I do. And that would be about the worst thing that could happen to them and their agenda, because he’s as clean as a whistle, and a great conservative. It would absolutely CRUSH their political aspirations. The whole point of this impeachment drivel is to try to keep Trump off balance, and to delegitimize him in order to try to weaken him. An actual impeachment would be a huge strategic error on their part.

Like I said, I think the chances are pretty much zero.



©Brian Baker 2017


(Also published today in my local newspaper, The Signal)


22 comments on “Impeachment Hysteria Versus Reality

  1. Hopeful says:

    You have hit it head on here, Brian! I have been paying close attention to all the fear mongering coming from the Left, and I am beyond disgusted. It has reached a treasonous level between the riots that have been encouraged from our Left-leaning politicians, to the leaks (could be from the left or right, but treasonous none the less), to the hateful rhetoric and flat out lies that our Leftist Politicians and Media are spewing. As much as the Democrats claim Trump and all those who voted for him are “deplorable” or hateful, the exact opposite is verifiably true. The hate is coming from the LEFT, and the media, along with average Americans on the Left are completely blinded to it.

    I just hope it has gotten to a point that REAL investigations are taking place at all levels, but MORE importantly, that there will FINALLY be some CONSEQUENCES for these politicians, government workers, and all the people that are doing everything in their power to harm our country. (This is a non-partisan wish…if Trump did wrong things, I want him to be charged, just as I want anyone on the left to be charged for their wrongdoing.)

    As you know, I was not a Trump supporter, but quite honestly, I am so much more impressed than I thought I would be. With no political experience, President Trump is doing a fantastic job, and if he was up for reelection today, I would absolutely vote for him. Setting aside all the drama and the negative press, look at what the man has been able to accomplish in such a short time! At this rate, President Trump will turn out to be one of our greatest Presidents of all time…who would have thought?

  2. Nee says:

    Well, Brian we all know that the left will wish really hard to occur. Have you seen the Kimdotbomb allegation? About how Seth Rich was a part of the leaking and Kim knew it? Every dem has backed off of their impeachment bs and is now targeting Hannity who tweeted back to Kim. And the leaked email that contained the Podesta words “make an example of the leaker”. Trump hasn’t done squat other than the tweeting and lack of Presidential decorum. Otherwise, I just keep saying to keep the drain going.

  3. Virginia Patriot says:

    I agree, there are no grounds for impeachment. None. Zero.

  4. Kathy says:

    It’s amazing how the libs throw that word impeachment around, but when asked on what grounds, they stumble over their words and fail to come up with any legitimate charges. Many of them don’t even understand how the process works, but we don’t impeach presidents based on media-driven false accusations or phony investigations.

    Think back on all of the charges that could have been brought against O – now, there were some grounds for impeachment.

  5. The Crawfish says:

    They’ll make something up, and a few House establishment types will go along, but they won’t win a vote

  6. captbogus2 says:

    The only thing I disagree with is impeachment would strengthen his base. I believe President Trump has the American people (who have finally awaiken) as his base and nothing the left can do will dilute his support.
    President Trump is the conservative variation of President Roosevelt. He is popular because the people became alarmed at the track the country was taking and no one on the other side was doing anything to solve the situation for them
    The Democrats put in place policies that caused higher taxes then blamed the working people for higher taxes. The Democrats passed laws that favored law breakers and punished Americans who objected.

    Sooner or later this shit boils to a head…
    Think…French Revolution…
    Right now the Democrats are lucky as Hell.

  7. prepper365 says:

    Great post! Agree completely!

  8. CW says:

    >>”The whole point of this impeachment drivel is to try to keep Trump off balance, and to delegitimize him in order to try to weaken him.”

    Precisely, Brian. I think you’re spot on. The children of this generation are going to grow up thinking that impeachment is this country’s political equivalent of voting someone off American Idol, with the same amount of seriousness (or absence thereof) attached to it. The law means nothing except what the mob wants it to mean.

    Unfortunately for us, though, the Left couldn’t ask for a better target if the goal is to rattle Trump. You can’t accuse him of having a hangnail without evoking an angry tweet at 3 a.m.

    • BrianR says:

      True, CW.

      But I can’t help but wonder if all that Tweeting isn’t Trump’s own strategy to keep HIS opponents off keel. When you think about it, in spite of all his seemingly unhinged Tweets, he’s moved steadily ahead with his policies, and is living up to his campaign promises, in addition to his remarkable performance on his recent overseas trip.

      I remember when, as a young guy, I used to box and compete in karate tournaments. If I could somehow tick off my opponent I had a very good chance that he’d stop thinking clearly and start making mistakes I could exploit. Maybe he’s doing the same thing.

  9. Terry says:

    Great analysis Brian. It’s unfortunate that the lemmings never make it past the MSM headlines or leftie soundbites to find out what is really happening in this country.

    I’m heartened to see that you and SOME of the other NeverTrumpers are at least giving “HairBoy” a chance. It hasn’t been as horrible as y’all thought it would be, now has it ?

  10. captbogus2 says:

    How did I miss this column?
    I am thinking, “Keep it up, Moonbeams, keep it up.” The more crap they pull the more pissed off the people will become. The more ridiculous they act the more support President Trump gets. If the Democrats lose more seats in 2018 they will probably be relegated to a few paragraphs in the 7th Grade History Class.
    I hope so.
    I certainly do hope so.

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