OMG! My Feelings Are Hurt! Kill the First Amendment!

We’ve all heard the buzzwords, the new encyclical of the Left. If they can’t respond to logical rebuttals to their policy proposals and hysterical pronouncements – which they can’t, because subscribing to Leftist doctrine requires a complete suspension of logical thinking and any realistic understanding of basic human nature – then their only alternative is to try to completely shut down the debate.

gore bloviatorWe’ve heard it ad nauseum, starting with Al Gore’s polemic on “global warming” as presented in his Power-Point-cum-Movie “An Inconvenient Truth”: the assertion that “the debate is over…”.

Of course, if nothing else, the basic flaw in that statement is clearly obvious: here we are, twenty years later, still actually debating the “undebateable”.

But lately we’ve gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. So let’s have some fun and look at a sampling of the latest buzzwords rambling down the pike, as well as in the opinion columns of your local Leftist PR sheet, AKA “newspaper”.

“Microaggression”. Totally cool word, meaning that something you said made someone somewhere feel that they weren’t appreciated in the way they themselves thought they should be. If you think that same-sex marriage isn’t the best thing since self-rising bread, well… that’s a microagression against LGBTSMwhatevercomesnext people! You need to be at least silenced, if not punished and banished, or at least “shamed”!

Which, of course, brings us to our next gem, “shaming”. If you violate Leftist doctrine, as defined at this point in time (and always subject to whatever latest trend comes roaring down the Pike) and can’t be sued or prosecuted for actually violating a real law, well, then… you must be singled out for hyperbolic and (usually) hysterical personal attacks in order to “shame” you into complying with the latest fad in Leftist Political Correctness!

“Dog whistle” enjoys not only convenience, but greatness, if you’re on the Left. It’s really a catch-all, dog whistlebecause it signifies that whatever someone who’s not on the Leftist plantation says that might not conform to the “approved” doctrine of the moment – for example, “tax reform” – can always be labeled as actually meaning something else (usually much to the proposer’s surprise). “Tax reform” was labeled as being a “coded racial appeal” in outlets such as Salon (Salon article) and Kos (KOS article), as well as by established commentators like Bill Moyers (Moyers).

This is obviously a tactic based on the interpreter’s incredibly amazing ability to read other peoples’ minds, Carnackvery much along the lines of Johnny Carson’s “Carnack” character. And it’s extremely useful, because if your conservative opponent hasn’t actually said what you want him to mean, well… that’s no longer a problem, is it?

“Voter ID”. That seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? When I first registered to vote I was given a voter ID card which identified me as a legally registered voter, and I had to show it to the poll watchers whenever I showed up to actually cast a vote. I even still have it!

Alas, “voter ID” has turned into a “dog whistle” for “minority vote suppression”. I don’t know how that happened. Everyone has to show some legitimate form of ID to get a book from the library, drive a car, get on an airplane, cash a check, file for disability or welfare benefits, cross an international border (unless you’re an “undocumented immigrant”, formerly known as “illegal alien”), and a whole bunch of other things. Presumably, minorities – AKA “people of color” – aren’t any more inconvenienced by getting ID cards than anyone else. So how come it’s only “minorities” – AKA the Leftists’ presumed voter “base” – that can’t perform such a simple task? Anyone with half an ounce of intellectual consistency would realize that the Leftists are the real “racists” in this equation for advancing the preposterous idea that simply because someone is “of color” they can’t do the same tasks as everyone else. I mean, c’mon… isn’t that the very basis of racism?

“Free speech zone”. An absolutely hilarious concept. If you’re a student on a college campus and you’re thDAAPCM1D“exposed” to thought, speech, or ideas that make you feel “uncomfortable” or “threatened” or are “microagressions” (meaning “conservative” ideas), well… no problem!

All you have to do is report the “transgressor” to a counselor or other college official and they’ll make sure that the “offenders” and their repugnant and “intolerant” ideas are banished to a “free speech zone”, which is usually an area about the size of a Smart Car hidden behind the furthest reaches of the back parking lot.

Which brings us to the definition of “Tolerance”, but… n-a-a-a-ah. You get the idea.

©Brian Baker 2015

(I wrote this essay on Father’s Day of 2015, based on a conversation I had at the party at John and Stacy’s house, with prodding from Cynewulf and Buck [a couple of old on-line buddies]. My sincere thanks to all of you for helping me to coalesce my thoughts on the subject)

(Published on 6/26/2015 in The Signal:

58 comments on “OMG! My Feelings Are Hurt! Kill the First Amendment!

  1. Greetings, Brian, and thank you for a well-reasoned essay. There is a place for tact and decorum, this I will grant. It is not wise nor worthy to insult for the sake of insult. But~! This bull-chit of “Political Correctness” is just that – Bull-Chit. There is a VAST difference, between accidentally bumping into someone on the street, for example, and “playing” the Knock-Out game, with intent to do severe bodily harm.
    IMHO, there will NEVER be a time nor a subject where “The debate is over”. As long as two people live on this Earth, there is a possibility (IF NOT Probability) of a differing opinion. And ANY married couple knows this.
    Humans are not made in a cookie cutter manner. And everyone of us comes to the table with a variant background from another. Let’s get with the program, accept the differences and learn with and from them. And accept the fact that differences are tools of learning and experiencing, and are not to be deemed excuses for conflict and denigration of another.
    Thank You for this wonderful essay.

    • BrianR says:

      Fogie, thank you for taking the time to comment, and the very kind words. Much appreciated.

      Also, great comment.

      “Humans are not made in a cookie cutter manner. And everyone of us comes to the table with a variant background from another.” Exactly. That’s a major element of the basic human nature that Leftists REFUSE to accept. One of the major reasons they try to silence any and all debate about their dogma. They seem to think that we’re an ant colony or bee hive, instead of a society made up of thinking human beings.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    I would have probably enjoyed your column today and probably got a chuckle or two out of it but I am as close to a deep depression as someone of my stature and character can get. The SCOTUS just divested itself of all vestiges of jurisprudence. The GOP has no balls. The left is a frog’s hair from dismantling our entire American culture, heritage and are rewriting our history to a manner that would make Mr. Orwell blush with envy. They have castrated the police and are in the first steps of institution a federal police force (much like O’s ‘civilian’ force) at the same time using every incident involving nuts or criminals with guns to take OUR guns away leaving us defenseless to protect our homes and no police who dare to intervene.
    This is an assault on our culture and heritage THE VERY SAME as was Chairman Mao’s of the ’50’s and ’60’s and without anyone champion the American cause the outcome looks very much the same. Our military has been hamstrung with such ridiculous “Rules of Engagement” as to be costing our soldiers lives and limbs and I wonder just who the Hell will be wanting to serve tomorrow.
    Not Rush or Hannity or Beck or You do anything but preach to the choir. My post on ‘Nox yesterday was filtered out because I used that word only blacks are allowed to use so they have succumbed to the political correctness, too.
    I am bummed out. I am burned out and I am going to take a hiatus for awhile. I just got a new work shop and man cave so am going to retire to shoot pool, drink beer and work on one of my bikes for awhile.

    • BrianR says:

      Buck, I sure understand your frustration, and share most of it. The SCOTUS decision today was yet another gross sellout by Roberts and Kennedy, and ridiculed to great effect by Scalia. Needless to say, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that they’re going to find some “right” to same-sex marriage in that case, too.

      I hate to see you drop out for a while, but I did it myself some years back. The rest and regeneration helped a lot. I’ll still be here when you get back, pard. Enjoy yourself.

  3. clyde says:

    Good one, pard. This is what happens when the RIGHT is too damn timid of the left, and has let THEM corner the market on what is “correct” and what isn’t. No, my friend, the “debate” is NOT over. As long as there are those of us who disagree with these self-proclaimed “Chieftains Of Correctness”, the debate shall rage on, until we draw our last breath.

  4. Bill says:

    Good read. I’m like the rest of you with the exception that I’m a grouchy old fart. I’m rather course with my language but I try to watch myself somewhat in public. I come from a state with two “so called” Republican Senators. Both are only interested in the ship yards on the Gulf Coast. One just got re-elected to his 100th term or so. He is senile but our former governor is a big time lobbyist in D.C. and it’s reported he handed out a little walking around money to damocraps because they didn’t have a dog in the race.

    The Republicans begged “give us control of Congress and we’ll make everything better. Haven’t figured out that one yet either. So tired of these idiots that lie all the time. I guess what leaders we used to have left to other countries along with the jobs.

    I will always exercise my right to vote as long as I’m able however, it’s getting harder and harder to try to decide which liar to cast my vote for.

    Yes I’m old. I learned to ride a bicycle on gravel roads without a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, fancy skin tight clothes and of course a water bottle. Somehow or other I grew up and raised a family with no government help and very little government intervention. I also don’t watch the news anymore. My blood pressure has dropped to a safe level without meds. I’m happier and sleep good at night. Love you read your pieces tho sir.

    • BrianR says:

      Hi, Bill, and welcome. Thanks for that great comment.

      BTW, you’re not the only “grouchy old fart” here. I’m 66, and some of us are even older than that. In fact, I remember when Napoleon was a corporal.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good post. I’ll keep my rant short. 🙂

    What the peckerheads on the left don’t or won’t comprehend is that the 1st Amendment protects ALL of us with respect to voicing our concerns and opinions. Today, they act as if they can define what is tolerant or intolerant. Who the hell gave them that power? I know, I know… we did… by not kicking them in the groin from the beginning. Instead we ignored them hoping they’d go away because their whines and demands were so stupid. Now with O’nitwit in charge they are forcing us to knuckle under by using Executive Order and the SCOTUS to legislate.

    As Clyde stated… NOPE, not until our last breath. This is all out war now. Phuck them! 2016 is coming and so are we.

    • BrianR says:

      I like a good rant. I couldn’t agree more… with one caveat.

      About 2016. Look how well 2014 worked out for us. Not so much.

      Can you just imagine Jebbie as POTUS? He’s no “groin kicker”, that’s for sure. In fact, with him you get a two-fer: all the same problems, with amnesty thrown in for free.

      • Good response, Brian. Thinking of things and the past, and how well it turned out, I wonder if Australia is accepting septuagenarians for immigration????

        I don’t like the political forecast and prognostications in the least.

      • BrianR says:


        Well, Australia……. no gun rights.

        I think if I were going to go anywhere, it’d be Switzerland.

      • Hardnox says:

        Guys, wouldn’t quite give up on Americans just yet. The left has pushed the envelope too far. Even middle-class blacks are slowly waking up to the fact they have been played, well at least the ones in my neck of the woods, who are/were staunch D’s. Every legal immigrant I know is pissed. Ditto with Hispanics. 6.5 years of the left in charge has been total shit and it is hard to escape that regardless of the turd shining coming from the media.

        As I have opined often, most Americans are conservative whether they admit it or not. The youts have been brainwashed that conservatism is old foggie shit and thus not modern but many are wondering where the jobs are. They will be a tough sell since lefty ideology has been implanted in them since early on.

        IF and I mean a BIG IF, a candidate from our side (not Jebbie) is able to articulate the American dream much like Reagan did after the disaster of the Peanut Farmer’s tenure then we have a chance.

        If Jebbie gets the nod we are screwed. Stick a fork in the USA… it’s done. It won’t make a difference then who wins in 2016.

        Switzerland is very nice. The scenery is awesome and the women are even better. The food is excellent. Good beer too!

      • BrianR says:

        Plus you can own full-auto guns!

        I haven’t given up on the good ol’ USofA. I was just saying “if…”.

        Good stuff, Nox.

  6. Nee says:

    And this link only supplements what you’ve got here…Spot on. Read the link…it adds to yours. I have a headache because I am so effing frustrated.

    SCOTUS and gay marriage was no surprise…But S.E. Cupp saying that we conservatives have treated gay people like pariahs is absolute bullshit. I don’t intend on being a relic because I respect the institution of marriage, but no way will I let her paint that broad stroke. Clarence Thomas has his eyes wide open –but the rest of them? Not so much. Religious liberty is teetering. How much more do we take before someone gets it? Mike Flynn? Scott Walker? Bueller? Oy.

    • BrianR says:

      Good link. Thanks, Nee.

      Cupp is once again completely misrepresenting the reality. One can be against same-sex “marriage” for a number of reasons that have nothing at all to do with “treating gay people like pariahs”.

      If I don’t like seeing people drunk, that doesn’t mean I’m a prohibitionist, or anti-booze.

      • cyn3wulf says:

        Cupp is being dishonest in more ways than one. Besides using the broad brush like Nee said, she ignores the leftism behind the push for homosexual “marriage.” I speak here of people who are politically active. The left said it was about benefits and the like, never mind that most of these benefits were already available through other means, and said, hey, how about civil unions? Surely you can grant us civil unions, just for the benefits, etc.? Let us think about it said conservatives. Ok, well, we suppose we could… No deal said the left, moving the goalposts the second they had achieved their first goal. We want nothing less than marriage. Now they have that. But it’s not what they want. Militant homosexuals want more. They want acceptance, and they will be willing to coerce you into giving it. And the leftists allied with them? They just wanted to unleash another bull in the china shop. And they are not done. They will ride this horse wherever it may lead until they cannot ride it any longer.

      • BrianR says:

        Yep. This reminds me of all the shenanigans the Nazis pulled in the ’30s, and the Bolsheviks pulled in 1914 – 17. This is how freedom dies.

        Yet they’ll never admit to their tyranny, even though that’s EXACTLY what it is.

      • cyn3wulf says:

        Indeed, to them it’s not tyranny if you are (to them) a bigot. The projection on the left never ceases to amaze me. They will accuse you of considering their various minority constituencies as “the other” so that you can more easily squash them all while they are essentially making you “the other” so they can legalize tyranny against you and squash you.

        I used to think that Americans had such a strong independent streak in them that this kind of thing would never take. Not on a large scale anyway. But I’m not so sure anymore. I would be inclined to say that was one of the reasons we’ve opened the floodgates to immigration (legal and illegal) only to places that are quite different, culturally speaking, not just to get more votes but to “de-Americanize” the populace, and it might well be.

        But, the fact is that there are far too many American citizens whose families have been here for generations that are willing to cast aside their independence to solely blame it on that. We have failed to pass the torch. It would be easy to blame the schools, and no doubt they played their part, particularly inn the blue sections of the country, but it’s more than that. Perhaps it was when we decided that shucking off our responsibilities was an ok thing to do. In any event the strong bulwark that was American independence is quickly crumbling.

        After writing the above post, I stumbled across a couple of things. The first is an article that shows the left’s bait and switch and move the goalposts tactics in action:

        The next is a youtube vid (the whole thing is an excellent sermon on how gay is not the new black), but if you listen to nothing else, go to the 22.30 mark and listen to what he has to say. In essence, he reads what leftist gay activists wrote. The section on how they say they need to use propaganda to win the day and where they spell out their media strategy (desensitize, jam, and convert) is downright chilling.

        But just like how Americans don’t bother to see what the jihadists actually say what their aims are when they are speaking to themselves, Americans don’t bother to see what the leftist homosexual activists real goals are, hidden right in plain sight. Even many on the conservative side have been desensitized and emotionally manipulated enough that they won’t bother to look.

        Even if you manage to get them to see the hard evidence, they will brush it off with a “the views of a few kooks don’t represent the majority,” forget about the fact that these kooks are esteemed professors, lawyers, businessmen and that they are the ones that give direction and strategy to the movement. It’s like saying the views of nazi generals don’t represent the majority of German soldiers. Well, maybe not, but it’s those very views that are the most important. Not all views are weighted equally. The nice homosexual living next door’s views are not going to influence people in the way that the views of an activist who has the ears of the political, social, and business elites will. Why we don’t take the homosexual elites at their word is beyond me. We’re too busy downplaying the tip of the iceberg to bother looking beneath it.

        *steps off soapbox. Anyway, here’s the vid for your edification:

      • BrianR says:

        Yes, exactly. The most fundamental aspect is that they have to completely redefine the debate, and the terms thereof. Once language no longer has meaning, anything goes.

        “Some pigs is more equal than others”, as Orwell wrote in “Animal Farm”.

      • cyn3wulf says:

        By the way, here is an outline to the playbook. Take a glace and see what you think.

        Click to access After_the_Ball_-_outline_by_Richard_Cohen.pdf

      • BrianR says:

        Well, it’s a document from the ’80s strategizing for the ’90s, and seems to have been followed, for the most part.

      • cyn3wulf says:

        Indeed. It’s actually the outline of a book that is no longer in print but that can still be bought used through Amazon that was published in ’89 or ’90. And I would be willing to bet that the majority of people who are not far leftists but that support homosexual “marriage” don’t have a clue that they have been manipulated into that support. I had heard about the book from the youtube video, but the other day, I stumbled onto a post about it ad the d-kos. They were talking about how brilliant the strategy is and how it can be used for anything. We’ll be seeing more of this strategy in the years to come.

      • BrianR says:

        Huh. Interesting.

        Kind of along the lines of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, I guess.

  7. garnet92 says:

    Sorry to be so late to the parade Brian! You’ve hit on several of my pet peeves. The first one is the left’s use of the “code word” accusation where they ignore the real meaning of a word and instead magically transform it into some racist or otherwise repugnant interpretation with an entirely different meaning.

    I wrote a satirical bit some time ago (A Dictionary – Out of Words) describing how the left and the race-baiters had redefined so many “normal” words into offensive (their term) words and effectively banned their use, that we poor conservative whites were left with only 1,388 with which to communicate.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    Publishers of the New Brewster’s Unabridged Dictionary announced today that they are discontinuing production of the popular reference.
    When queried about the reason for halting both print and Internet versions of the 80 year-old dictionary, spokesman Warren Peace complained that after removing all supposedly racist terms from the dictionary, only 1,388 words remained. Previously, the widely used reference touted that it included 165,490 entries.

    And that’s the way we’re moving – and I also agree with your statements on voter ID. It’s hard to understand how anyone can be convinced that requiring identification to vote is any more onerous than requiring ID for any of the other occasions that you mention – but, they train their minions to respond negatively to “voter ID” and reward them with a cookie.

    Good rant Brian! Keep on pounding, maybe one day we can break through!

  8. […] brilliant deduction came to me after visiting BrianR’s blog “The View From the Island,” wherein he was lamenting new buzzwords that leftists have created to describe their sacred […]

  9. Nee says:

    As I spit and spew my discontent and and the temporary relief I feel…perhaps we try anything and everything and something will work. Still supporting Article V, but haven’t seen much action…Read this. I guess as much as “let it burn” is a way to vent my frustration, I am like the writer…surrender is not an option, nor is abandoning all we have fought for in one capacity or another…A Crispian to the end.

  10. Sgt Relic says:

    A well reasoned argument as usual, old friend. What a shame it now seems to represent a minority viewpoint. I fear that reason, like Elvis, has left the building. The left, aided by a throughly complicit GOP, seem hell bent on the destruction of the foundations of our once great Republic. The last piece I wrote at Townhall was an obituary for the constitution, on the occasion of the passing of Obamacare, I have seen no reason to change that opinion.

    I’m to stubborn not to fight back but I fear this fight is all but over. We are witnesses to the end of constitutional government in a country that has lost its soul.

    On a happier note, it’s nice to see that some of us old Crispies are still around!

    • BrianR says:

      Damn! Sarge! How the HELL are you, old friend? What have you been up to? Where you been?

      Terrific to hear from you… and it does look like when we said — lo those many years ago — “Crispies forever!”, we actually meant it. I’m sure you’re seeing some familiar names here, and if you swing by Hardnox’s blog, you’ll see more there, too.

      Nee’s here, Clyde, Nox, GunnyG (occasionally), Buck (though he’s so burned out he’s going on temporary hiatus), Crawfish, Cynewulf drops by now and then, MrsAL ( though she just passed away), CW….. there’s a bunch of us still haunting the web.

      Some terrific new voices, too, over at Nox’s place: Garnet, Uriel, BlessedB, Kathy. Others. You should check it out.

      Man…… this is a great surprise. I hope to hear more from you, pard.

      • Sgt Relic says:

        Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been lurking here from time to time but I was having trouble typing due to severe arthritis in my hands. I now have new phone with decent talk to text ability.

        My heart attacked me, again! That was my 5th. It happened a little over a year ago and I’ve got say that the rehabs get tougher and tougher ever time.

        Hey, I’m too cantankerous to die from a mire MI! HaHa!

        Guess what the VA now says causes deformed arteries in vets with no family history of heart disease? Why it’s our old friend dioxin, better known as The Orange Death. Long story short, they gave me 100% disability.

        I hope stop by more frequently

      • BrianR says:

        I hope you do, too.

        Sorry to hear about the Agent Orange issue, pard. That really sucks. Maybe that’s why I had mine at 49?

      • Sgt Relic says:

        You may of guessed that I fat-fingered the phone while trying to fix an error. It’s time to stop. I’ll be back!

      • BrianR says:


        Okay, Terminator.

  11. Nee says:

    So SCOTUS didn’t rule on an election issue…and because that happened, no one has to prove citizenship to vote and can, if I understand,can refuse to prove citizenship on the federal form. So much for states rights….unless you’re Kansas and Arizona. #effed

    • BrianR says:

      It’s not that they didn’t rule; they refused to take the case, letting the existing ruling to that effect by the 10th Circuit stand. Meaning, yes, no one has to prove citizenship.

      This is what happens when Establishment GOP hacks — like Ford (Kennedy) and Bush (Roberts) — appoint judges. Remind me again: why are we supposed to vote for the GOP no matter what?

  12. cyn3wulf says:

    Brian, excellent as usual. At one point, you ask, “isn’t that the very basis of racism?” You would think that it is. But it isn’t to the leftist.

    The leftist, not having been able to make any “progress” in the free market of ideas turns to redefining words to mean what he wants them to mean. To the leftist, racism is something that only the majority race, who has more access to power, can engage in. To the leftist, a black person cannot be racist; he can be a bigot but not a racist. This is purposeful as the leftist cannot deny that some black people sometimes engage in behavior that is negative towards another person simply because of his race, so the leftist makes sure that the more common term, the more damning term, only applies to white people. They will then make fun of you for not knowing the “correct” definition of the word as taught to them by their indoctrinators in college, and, of course, if you make that point, you will be asked why you are against intellectualism.

    Or perhaps he will say that you don’t get it because of your white privilege, privilege not meaning what you think it means. To the leftist, it means that the system is geared towards favoring, directly or indirectly, white people. It doesn’t mean that you have actually personally enjoyed a privileged life. You can have had one of the hardest lives, poor, desperate, and always behind the 8-ball and still enjoy white privilege. Now, your average, non-thinking leftist well never stop to think why their betters in the universities pick words that already have meanings, often loaded meanings and attach a meaning to it that has only the slimmest bit of commonality with the original meaning of the word, that it was crafted specifically to be a club with which to shut up dissenters with, even though he unknowingly uses it as such.

    Now, if you beg to differ, if you deny that “white privilege” is a thing in actuality, you will be told that you are in denial because of your “white fragility,” a defense mechanism that protects your image of yourself as a good person who cannot be a racist. You might wonder why such a mechanism that is apparently so successful isn’t called “white robustness” or the like. That, of course, is because by picking the term, “fragility,” I can say that you are in denial of your racism and imply that you are fragile at the same time. So, you see, while the words “racist,” “privilege,” and “fragility” paint a fairly specific picture of a person who is bad, enjoys benefits that he didn’t earn, and is weak (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.), the leftist technically means something else altogether while at the same time hoping that the picture that was elicited in your mind is attached to it at the same time, even while he denies that he means that.

    As you noted, the leftist will, at any length, attempt to shame you for upholding views that are different from his, even while he denigrates anyone who shames someone in the leftist constituency (i.e. slut shaming, body shaming, etc.). Besides being hypocritical, it’s also unbalanced. All you need do to “shame” a slut is to make any comment, no matter how nuanced or diplomatic, that states that implies that their behavior may not be teh awesomesauce that they think it is. At this point, you will be attempted to be shamed into the conformity line. This time, though, “shaming” means that you must be personally destroyed, at least until such time that you get into line.

    Then there’s the word, “marriage…”

  13. Grey Neely says:

    Sorry I am late to the “dance”. In Mississippi, secession is being talked about in the “back” rooms of the capital building. Most of our “decent” politicians in the state government know where all of these actions by the Left are going. Mississippi is not in the middle of the “Bible Belt” for nothing. If the feds start trying to force the Churches of Mississippi to violate their beliefs, there will be a “push-back”. Personally, I WILL NOT recognize gay marriage and I WILL NOT tolerate the feds telling me what I must believe in regards to my faith and religious beliefs.

    Concerning “turn-coat” Republicans, it is my understanding that the governor of Mississippi told the leader of the Republicans in the Mississippi State Congress that the Confederate battle flag in the state of Mississippi’s flag would NOT be removed. We had an election several years back concerning this and the vote was over 2 to 1 not to remove the battle flag from the state flag (which had to include at least 30% of the blacks who voted). I have already started contacting people all over my state to vote these idiot Republicans out of office who suggested and supported this action.

    After all of these actions by the federal government, It appears that eventually one state or another is going to take drastic action like secession. I pray that when ever such action occurs, that all will be peaceful. However I am not very hopeful that blood will not be shed.

    I hope the water shortage in California is not affecting you. From what I can find out and read, it appears that the “elites (politicians, bureaucrats, and those in the entertainment field)” believe that any rationing only affects the “little people” and not themselves.

    • BrianR says:

      Hi, Grey.

      I’m with you on the flag issue. Enough of this hysterical nonsense focusing on silly trivial matters, turning them into major events. Sometime or another, a line must bee drawn.

      I’ve also reached the point where I think it would be REAL interesting to watch what happens if at least one state decides to secede, and see what happens then. Are we REALLY going to start a civil war because a bunch of weirdoes want to get “married”? Is the Federal government THAT stupid?

      As to our drought: as I’ve been saying for years, we need to cancel the $60 BILLION not-“high-speed) train scam and build water desalination and reclamation plants. It’s the obvious answer.

      Of course, I live in a state run by imbeciles.

      • Grey Neely says:

        I sincerely hope that some of the leaders in California have enough sense to start building desalination plants ASAP. California is too good and beautiful a state to have to go through water rationing when it sits next to the largest body of water on the Earth (i.e., the Pacific Ocean). This technology is easily obtainable and easily installed (especially reverse osmosis filtration). Even in Mississippi, there are small desalination plants on the Gulf Coast that have been in operation for years.

      • BrianR says:

        Oh, hell, no, Grey.

        Did you miss the part where I mentioned imbeciles?

        Hell, large portions of the Middle East desert have been converted to agriculture and other uses by desal: Israel, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, others.

        Are we stupider than a bunch of Arabs?

        Apparently so…

      • Nee says:

        Brian…Amen to the desalination…amen to the flag issue…if someone secedes, I’ll want to move there!

      • BrianR says:

        Nee, gotta tell you, if not for my offspring, I’d have left long ago.

  14. CW says:

    Hey there, Brian. Is that Al Gore? I didn’t recognize him with his fly zipped up.

    This quasi-new reality we live in where the Left essentially commandeers the language for its own benefit reminds me of all the dystopian novels we read in high school, the ones where we thought such things could never happen in our time because we had the luxury of learning from history and we had been warned. Alas, it seems that people have a strange habit of being blind to real-life evils, even though they recognize those evils when they read about them in books.

    Language is the weapon of choice for those who are waging an undeclared, bloodless civil war upon this country. It’s used as a red herring, something to distract our attention and absorb our energies while the Left robs us of our freedom, little by little. As long as they can keep us in a state of low-boiling frustration and keep making gains for the wealth and power they want to amass they are happy to do so. We have to get a point where we stop trying to engage irrational people bent on our mutual destruction in futile debates over nonsense, and just take our power back by force, preferably at the ballot box but by other means if necessary.

    • BrianR says:

      Hey, there, CW! Yes, indeed, that’s AlBore the Bloviator… LOL!

      Great comment, and I have to say… I agree. You know me, and that over the years I’ve always been one to downplay talk of extreme measures. I have to admit, I’m starting to rethink some of that.

  15. AfterShock says:

    “Micro-aggression”: Same in substance and effect to “Micro-orgasm”, a well known malady affecting LGBTSMers. It’s a hangup, the feeling that they’ve been judged by the world… that they’ve been sized up and found to have fallen short.

    “Shaming”: Well I’ve been told I’m shameless on so many levels so the LGBTSMers can just KMA! Oooh that might stimulate the wrong response… Anyhow, just sayin’

    “Dog whistle”: Morons on the left may be able to hear when their masters blow into one of those damned thing, but the rest of us “human” beings can not!

    “Voter ID”: Well yeah, I guess if their premise is that it suppresses Black, Hispanic or, Black Hispanics or any other “illegal” minority vote contrary to the rule of law, I have to agree they have a point! I do definitely want to make it impossible for illegal alien Blacks, Hispanic, Black Hispanics, White Hispanics or White Blacks and any other illegal type alien – as well as just Red, Yellow, White, Brown, Black, (did I miss-underestimate any?) — to cast a vote or vote in an illegal fashion. Funny isn’t it? I still can’t hear that damned dog whistle… I’m trying, I just can’t do it… I guess there is something a liberal progressive statist can do that I can’t. Hmmm, go figure!

    • BrianR says:

      Damned dog whistle’s making me deaf! Even though I can’t actually hear the damned thing!


      • AfterShock says:

        It’s that ringing in the ears we get at night tryin to sleep! Liberals attempting to invade our dreams.

      • BrianR says:

        Now THAT’S a scary thought!

        Bad enough dealing with them in the daytime.

  16. AfterShock says:

    I guess Brian, late as I am, one of generous heart could say AfterShock saved the best, for last! LOL!

  17. cyn3wulf says:

    Is it just me, or are we about due for another post?

    • BrianR says:

      LOL, Cyne!

      Usually it’s Buck prodding me on. Thanks. I’m flattered. I’ve gotta think of something. I must be getting lazy in my dotage.

  18. captbogus2 says:

    Ain’t just you, Cyne…

    • BrianR says:

      Alright, I can take a hint. And am flattered, again.

      I’ll come up with something in the next few days.

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