My Name Is Hassan

I was born in the camps 22 years ago. Life was hard. I have two older brothers, and one more and a sister were born after me. My father struggled very hard to provide for us, but work was hard to find. Sometimes, often, there was not enough food for all of us to eat. Then my mother would put the food on the table, and she and my sister would go into the other room and pretend to eat, though I knew there was no food there for them.

Our home was a very poor affair, a small house, more of a hut, made from scraps of building materials my brothers and I could take at night from nearby construction sites. But it was our home.

I was very lucky. I was always the smart one in the family. My father, a very devout man, visited the Mosque every day for ablutions and prayers. I often went with him, from the time I was a very small boy. I love the Q’uran, and learned it quickly. I am very devout, and the Mullah noticed this, Praise be to Allah. He took special notice of me, and allowed me to go to school at the madrassa. I learned much there.

I learned that Allah is great, and all is the will of Allah. En sh’Allah, Allah willing, all the peoples of the world can become the instruments of Allah’s plan for this world, in preparation for entry to Paradise in the next.

I learned that the Great Prophet Muhammed, may his name be praised, revealed to us His plan in the Q’uran as to how we should prepare for that day. That we should convert all Infidels to Islam. That those of The Book should be allowed full conversion, and the rest allowed a form of generous accommodation. As long as they acknowledge Allah as the one true god.

We must remain chaste, especially our women; sisters, mothers, daughters. Chastity is good, and the men of the family are honor bound to enforce this virtue.

We must pray five times each day, facing Mecca. The M’uzzin shall make their call to remind us, and we must heed their call.

But at the madrassa and the Mosque, I also learned some things that disturbed me very much. I learned that the reason why I, and my father before me, could not find work to provide for the family is that the Jews and the Americans conspire to keep us poor. They wish to control all the Middle East, and its oil. They wish to make the Faith and the Imams and Mullahs weak, by imposing “democracy”, in which any person, regardless of how faithful they are or are not, shall have the same voice as the Faithful. And this includes women! They would give women the same voice as men! Even in the Mosque, where all are equal in the eyes of Allah, women sit in an area away from the men. This “democracy” would put all together. This is heresy!

In my final year at the madrassa I was honored to be chosen, with a very few others deemed as true believers and good students, for special instruction. We were introduced to the Imam. We pursued further, special studies. We were shown videotapes, taken right from the Infidels’ own television stations in America and Europe, showing how degraded their culture truly is. I was shocked at what I saw, and felt the sin of even watching such evil and debasement.

I was shown videos from the television news shows in the West, films that showed how greedy the Infidels are, with their big cars and big houses, the souks they call “malls” with wasteful and shameful things for purchase. The Imam instructed us that the only reason the Infidels can afford such shameful, sinful luxury is by stealing the wealth of our homelands. Their greedy companies make dishonest deals taking advantage of the owners of the oil, to make unfair profits. The Jews keep the Arab brothers at each other’s throats through their lies, then steal when they are distracted. They make their bread for their religious days from the blood of the young Faithful. I learned of how the Jews plan to conquer all the lands of the Faithful. It was all in a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, written by the Jews and Zionists themselves. It was truly frightening.

I saw movies that showed the actors, men and women together, the women shamefully exposed. Even movies with the people doing the forbidden act, which is only for man and woman when married. Imagine! In a movie! It is beyond shameful, beyond sinful! The people who would do these things are no better than animals, pigs rutting in the mud.

It is with shame that I have to confess that when I saw these things, my body betrayed me. I could not arise from my seat because my shame was so obvious, but the Imam, in his kindness, Allah be praised, put his hand on my shoulder and told me he understood. That the shame was for the people who would do these disgusting things in front of a camera. He made me understand that the shame is not in the act itself, because it is right for a married man and woman who wish to have children. And it is also right as a reward in Paradise for those who are martyrs to Jihad. That Allah, in His wisdom, has reserved virgins for those who become martyrs to Jihad, and all is right.

terrorist (2)I have chosen the path to fight for Jihad, and if Allah is willing, to become a martyr for Jihad. I have taken special instruction in how to do this. Tomorrow is my day.

Do not forget me. My name is Hassan.


©Brian Baker 2007


(I originally wrote this essay, and published it at my blog on, back in 2007. In light of recent events, I thought it timely to republish it here and now)

30 comments on “My Name Is Hassan

  1. garnet92 says:

    Excellent piece Brian. I imagine that Hassan’s story has been duplicated many thousands of times through the years and could probably be recounted by many of the youth of today. It is chilling and probably very accurate. Kudos.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, Garnet. I appreciate the kind words.

      I spent five years in Iran (went to high school there), and it made an impression.

  2. clyde says:

    Pard, take a well deserved bow. I had forgotten about this essay. Thanks so much for putting it back up. No question there are a great many Hassans, but the REAL sticker here is a LOT of what Hassan had to say about the rot in our culture is true. With that being said, however, we have the FREEDOM to do those things, or to make FUN of those. At LEAST we do not summarily execute people on the basis of having “offended” like those stuck in the 7th century are.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks for those kind words, Clyde. It’s been running around in my mind recently, and in light of recent events it just seemed timely.

      You’re right about Hassan’s thoughts, which is why I always thought a lot of this essay. Having spent all that time in Iran, I understand how a lot of those people think, and if it’s bad in OUR opinion, you can just imagine what THEY think about it.

      I’m seriously thinking about rerunning my “City Of Glass” essay, too. Also timely in light of the Iran/nuke issue in play right now.

  3. Terry says:

    Great essay, Brian.
    What a bleak, loveless, soulless life these barbarians live.
    I’d be happy to blow myself up too, if I were one of them.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, Terry.

      Yeah, you’ve got a point there. It’s kind of a chicken and egg paradox, when you think about it. Maybe if they spent more time being productive and less time trying to destroy everything out of envy, their outlook would be less fatalistic. But then, they’re stuck in the 14th Century.

  4. Nee says:

    Dang. Chilling, but well done. I will be sharing this with my FB dudes who get it! Wish I had the impetus to write more….

  5. captbogus2 says:

    No prob. The Department of State is going to inaugurate a program to give Hassan a job so he won’t have to kill all those evil, corrupt Westerners…

  6. Grey Neely says:

    I agree with Buck (“The Department of State is going to inaugurate a program to give Hassan a job so he won’t have to kill all those evil, corrupt Westerners…”). From what I can see coming from Obama and his band of merry idiots, the push is on for all terrorists to be regarded as no more than poor misguided, jobless individuals.

    I am waiting for Obama to set up entitlement programs for them, including free college tuition.

    Meanwhile in the United States proper, my brother-in-law shoveled 6″ of global warming off his driveway. Further to the Southwest in Mississippi, we had an ice storm with accumulations up to 1/2″.

    • BrianR says:

      LOL, Grey!

      Yep. Jobs For Jihadis. I can see it now.

      BTW, get with the program. It’s no longer “global warming”. It’s now “climate change”. The Dem/socialists got tired of looking so foolish all the time, and a broader all-encompassing nomenclature was required.

      • captbogus2 says:

        Now we are fighting “climate change”? Gee, I thought the climate changed pretty much on a 4 season schedule.
        Next thing they will assault us with is a fight on ‘time change”.
        Oh, yeah. That’s already in 49 states, ain’t it.
        Poor Arizona.

      • BrianR says:


        Poor Arizona in more ways than one. The state that sends 2 “Republicans” to the Senate, one named McCain and the other appropriately named Flake.

  7. captbogus2 says:

    You know, one day a true leader will come forward and Hassan will meet A Guy Named Joe…

  8. MosheReturns says:


    This is Moshe.

    It’s been a very intense couple of years, this time that I’ve been away, improving and bettering myself.

    I am no longer a “Paulbot”.

    (Though I still greatly respect and admire the man.)

    Ask me a question.

    I’m serious.

    • BrianR says:

      I’m going to leave your comment up for now, pending your answer to my question:

      Why are you trying to link in a pro-Hitler film? Surely you know that’s not going to stay up here very long. In fact, I deactivated the hyperlink URL.

      • MosheReturns says:


        I just saw this.

        It’s a documentary about WWII from the German point of view.

        It’s a real eye-opener.

      • BrianR says:

        No, it’s essentially pro-Hitler propaganda, and it has no place here.

        And yes, I do practice censorship.

  9. AfterShock says:

    Moshe, no longer a Paulbot? That’s not Moshe, he would never forsake his beloved Paul. What kind of kook is this?

    • BrianR says:

      His screen name was linked to a pro-Hitler site, and I suspect he was trying to promote that, reckoning that I wouldn’t check that before posting his comment.

      I did, of course, and deactivated the link. And surprise! He hasn’t been back since!

      • AfterShock says:

        That’s nothing new. Moshe has always attempted to lay the war-monger war-crimes label on non-Libertarian administrations. Meaning every Administration since George Washington’s.

      • BrianR says:

        I don’t think it’s even an issue of libertarianism. Many times he’s said he’s basically an anarchist. In fact, a variation on that was one of his screen names.

  10. AfterShock says:

    But the really BIG question is — knowing Hassan’s world-view — would he seek to convert the infidel Moshe, or just kill him on principle? Perhaps it’s a coin toss, no wait that would be gambling I don’t think the Imam would approve. But then again, it is Moshe we’re discussing, so maybe Allah would turn a blind eye… heads — Moshe loses his; or tails, he gets a real good conversion experience right in the –oh I better not finish that sentence. Was that mean? I’m sorry if I sounded mean and I really mean that!

    • BrianR says:


      • AfterShock says:

        Moshe of course never did admit to having multiple personality disorder. He and his conjoined twin, NeoCon Slayer Anarcho-libertine or any of around 10 screen names, coexisted at townhall, as if one. Moshe and his many personas frequently talked among themselves to — among other dumb ideas — brainstorm a new constitution. Actually it was more of a 1.6 gallon brainflush than a storm.

      • BrianR says:


        Yeah, the bad old days…

  11. captbogus2 says:

    I remember my socialist half brother and his pals sitting around talking about what all they were going to do for, “The Worker”. “Worker”. They were NEVER “Workers”. Nor did they know what Work actually was. They were always going to be the ones that did for the Worker. Today even when conservatives use the word, “Worker” it leaves a bad ring in my ears. Like it is another word that has been hijacked by the enemies of freedom.

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