Obama Caesar: The Runaway Presidency

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In my last essay I discussed the arrogance and lawlessness of the Obama administration and its bureaucrats, practiced on a scale unprecedented in American history. Now I’d like to address the ramifications, and what they might mean for the country.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is spearheading an effort by that chamber of Congress to sue Obama in federal court for exceeding his constitutional authority as President. Some – notably Sarah Palin – are calling for Obama’s impeachment. I think both approaches are doomed to failure at this point in time.

Both approaches require lengthy legal processes, and we’re less than four months away from the mid-term elections. As such, I believe they’re distractions that are red meat for parts of the “base”, but will prove ultimately futile, and may even be politically counterproductive in the GOP’s efforts to secure a majority in the Senate.

Any impeachment process that starts now would go nowhere, as when the current 113th Congress is replaced by the 114th in January, if Obama hasn’t already been convicted by the Senate – an impossibility as the Senate is currently controlled by loyal Democrats – the process wouldn’t carry over to the new Congress, and would have to start all over again.

A similar problem attaches to any lawsuit, in addition to which the courts are very leery of getting involved in matters of separation of powers jurisdictional issues. Further, the House may have a major problem establishing “standing”, or defining an actual tort damage, as they retain the power to address Obama’s excesses through their exclusive constitutional power of the governmental purse strings, whether or not they want to use it.

Let’s assume for this discussion that the GOP retains the House and takes control of the Senate. Then what?

At that point Obama would be the lamest of ducks, and there would be nothing at all to restrain him from indulging his imperial proclivities to their fullest extent; Obama Caesar.Obama Caesar If he’s ignored the Congress and the Constitution up to this point – and he has, blatantly – there would be no reason for him to hold back at all anymore.

Impeachment then does become a distinct possibility. But we should never forget about Obama’s anti-impeachment insurance policy: Joe Biden. Can you imagine HIM as President? Talk about hopping from the frying pan into the fire!

But there are also other avenues to explore. Attorney-General Holder is still under a contempt citation; he should be impeached. Lois Lerner of IRS scandal fame can and should be prosecuted. The Benghazi scandal should be aggressively pursued. Heads should roll over the scandalous and corrupt actions that have taken place within the Veterans Administration resulting in the deaths of vets. A GOP-controlled Congress can use the power of the purse strings to defund the EPA’s excesses (and they should).

Obama should be so mired in his scandals that his already dismal approval ratings plummet even further. Public opinion is the one sure way, at least at this point in history, to hobble a runaway presidency and will have the added benefit of tarring the Dem/socialist candidate hoping to succeed him in the 2016 presidential election.

A GOP-controlled Senate will also then have the power to prevent Obama from appointing activist leftist judges to the federal court system, maybe one of the most important reasons for the GOP to take the Senate in November.

What happens if the Dem/socialists retain a Senate majority, you ask?

Buckle up, because we’re looking at a potential catastrophe for the next two years as that lamest of ducks will have no restraints at all to keep him from indulging himself to the fullest extent, free from worrying about suffering any real repercussions at all, because his Dem/socialist abettors and enablers in the Senate will continue to insulate him from the consequences of his actions, just as they’ve already been doing for years.

I’m not overstating when I say that I’m not sure the country can survive that eventuality. I hope we don’t have to find out.



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(This column was also published in my local newspaper today. http://www.signalscv.com/section/33/article/124472/)

93 comments on “Obama Caesar: The Runaway Presidency

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post Brian.

    You echo my exact sentiments and concerns. As frustrating as everything is, the best strategy is to do nothing hoping that the R’s take the Senate and keep the House. Took much noise right now will get the couch sitters running to the polls voting for the D’s.

    November will be the last grab at the ring. If we miss it I believe that this country will not survive since Obama is in full blown Cloward-Piven mode in an attempt to overload the system with the goal of wrecking this country so that it can be remade into a leftist utopia.

    The planned invasion of illegals is testament to this strategy. Sadly, way too much damage can be done in just four short months.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, Nox.

      I couldn’t agree more. The Dems are screwing themselves up constantly right now. This is THE time to follow Reagan’s advice: When your opponents busy shooting himself in the foot, don’t interfere.

  2. Nee says:

    It’s just untenable! Not one member of either party cares to hold The Pied Piper responsible, or the others for that matter in Lerner, Holder, Emmanuel, Sebelius. So many scandals, so little time left and none of them have had any closure at all.

    What will it take?

    And I am sick and tired of the lay people suffering from the Screaming Monkey Syndrome. They continue to carry the water and say that Bush was far worse yada, yada, yada.

    Obama is simply on a taxpayer vacay and in way the f^^&* over his head. Even Jimmy Carter wasn’t running away if he was over his head. I do believe Carter did his level best as opposed to the empty suit, who does endless fundraisers, vacations, and spats at the GOP like it’s their fault he’s such a tool.
    GRRRRRR!!!! Rome is burning and this is the biggest G-D circus you’ll ever see.

    • BrianR says:

      LOL, Nee!

      You go, girl!

      Yeah, Carter was a sincere incompetent. Obozo’s just an idiot who likes the trapping and bennies of office, but has NO interest in doing the actual JOB.

  3. gunnyginalaska says:

    Excellent post as usual. I STILL would not trust the Senate GOP to block any confirmations that bat Ears makes. Hell, Lisa RINO Murkowski voted to confirm ERIC HOLDER as did a few other GOP morons.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, Gunny.

      Well, that’s always a very distinct possibility. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see.

  4. garnet92 says:

    Ahh Brian, here we are again discussing Obama’s impeachment again. As much as I’d love to see it, if for no other reason than to take his narcissistic colossal ego down a couple of notches, I’m afraid that it isn’t the best policy for the long term health of the country.

    I could even (grudgingly) accept Joe Biden as president if it would rid us of Obama as I think Biden’s as dumb as a box o’ rocks, but I do believe that he is, at heart, an American and is not as hell-bent on our destruction as Obama.

    But, I agree with your pointing to Reagan’s advice and that it is in our best interest to follow it, stay quiet, and allow the dems to self-destruct.

    So, in summary, I agree with you and Nox that we shouldn’t do anything to wake the sleeping jackass, let him lie there, fat, dumb, and happy, at least until after the mid-terms.

  5. Biden is the only reason Obey-me hasn’t been shot.
    The Congress and President that take office in 2017, assuming Pelosi, Reid, and Hitlery! are not in charge, will have a LOT of work to do to undo 10+ years of damage to our once-great nation.

  6. Buck says:

    An Application for Writ of Mandamus filed with the DC court which would ask the court to order the DHS and DOJ to enforce the law would do for openers. Failure to observe a Writ of Mandamus would risk contempt of court and jail.
    Also defund those bureaucracies that are writing laws without benefit of Congress…

    • BrianR says:

      Good thoughts, Buck, but it still faces the obstacle of a court wanting to inject itself into a constitutional battle on a separation of powers issue.

      That might be a toughie to get past.

      • Buck says:

        I don’t see the problem. The Executive branch is charged with enforcing the laws and if it is picking and choosing, as is the current administration, then it is the duty of the Congress to petition the Third Branch to issue such telling the Second Branch to get off its ass and do its Constitutional job.

      • BrianR says:

        First of all, the courts are loathe to get involved in that kind of dispute, though there are more cases actually making the cut, such as his “interim appointments” to the NLRB that were ruled void.

        But in this particular case, again, it goes to establishing “standing” and a judicable case with a viable tort. That’s problematic, because the House has other means to address the problem, i.e. the power of the purse and the power of impeachment.

        I can easily envision the courts just saying “Hey, you have your own remedies readily at hand” and not granting cert or accepting the case.

  7. clyde says:

    Excellent as always, pard. As much as I’d like to see Bat Ears booted, there is simply NO way in hell it would fly now, and I’m not too sure it would fly in an R controlled Senate. My other concern is with the hierarchy of the GOPe itself. From Gutless John himself, on down they have an absolute knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I’m also not overly confident in the court’s ability to rein this stain on America in.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Clyde.

      Yeah, pard, I know exactly what you mean. I am NOT sanguine. But it is the only chance there is. At least for now.

  8. Grey Neely says:

    As much as I hate it, I agree with you Brian (and President Reagan). When your enemy is shooting himself in the foot, don’t try to stop him. The first thing is to gain control of the US Senate in November; and gain control with enough Conservatives to shut down everything Obama tries to do.

    If we don’t accomplish this, then I fear for our country. Short of a revolution, or the 1861 solution, we don’t have many options. I don’t fear Obama declaring martial law. From what I have seen of Obama’s “brown shirts”, they are gutless types who only know how to scare the urban yuppies. Many of us have military training and are willing to die fighting for our country. The Obama brown shirts will run as soon as shots are fired (or even before as witnessed at the Nevada ranch). But without the US Senate shut down, Obama can still do a lot of damage.

    All I can see to do is to get out the vote in November, and pray (and keep our powder dry).

    • BrianR says:

      Grey, well said.

      I hated to write it, Reagan’s dictum, but it IS the best bet for now.

      We have to think strategically, not tactically. Sometimes you have to lose a battle — a sacrificial effort — in order to win the larger war.

  9. Nee says:

    There’s the Article V, but that takes time as well….sigh. Let.it.burn.

    • BrianR says:

      Yup. We have to deal with the reality that the mid-term elections are right around the corner. That’s an inescapable fact that affects everything.

      • Nee says:

        So the headlines on Drudge say “WH Warns Impeachment” and “Obama Readying Significant Executive Action on Immigration” Sigh. A Nation without borders is not sovereign, is it? How the hell do people not understand that if he lets 5 million more or 40 million in for nothing that it will destroy us from the inside out economically? According to the Statue Of Liberty History, 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island from 1892-1954 and we were building our Country. We’re getting closer to that R word, I swear.

      • BrianR says:

        Yeah, I saw those stories on TH. The destruction won’t just be economic. It will permanently skew our culture and political makeup, too. Millions of new “citizens” mooching off our welfare state, and voting to expand it.

        That’s why, to me, amnesty is a dealbreaker as far as who I’d ever vote for. It’s why I refused to vote for McCain, and WILL NOT ever vote for Jeb Bush or Rubio.

  10. Buck says:

    Look at the problem as an International version of what Texas, and other red states, are experiencing now. Folks in New York, California and other bastions of liberal hypocrisy finally get tired of living in the corrupt liberal utopia THEY voted for and move to escape the consequences of their actions but as soon as they arrive in the more conservative state they start voting for the same type politicians that caused the problems from which they just moved.
    So it will be with the influx of new Democrat voters. They will eventually make the USA the same kind of corrupt shithole as Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador or wherever they came from..

    • BrianR says:

      Yes, of course! That’s always been one of my biggest problems with the whole concept of amnesty and lax border enforcement. We’re sitting back with our thumbs up our butts while our country is being invaded and overrun.

      Per Santayana, “those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it”. All we have to do is look at how Texas and California broke away from Mexico to see the future for us. Mexico allowed uncontrolled immigration of Americans into their territory. What was the end result? Those states became part of OUR country.

      Are we going to sit back like idiots and let the same thing happen, in reverse?

      Further, as I’ve written many times, it’s an influx of under-educated unskilled people bringing nothing to the table who are a MASSIVE drain on our national resources and infrastructure.

      And what do WE get out of the deal? I dunno… do we need more gardeners and busboys? And burger flippers who can’t get your order straight at Mickey D’s because they don’t speak English?

      I don’t think so.

  11. Buck says:

    Two people in the entire history of modern civilization had the power to defeat the tyranny and corruption of absolute power.
    General George Washington
    General Cincinnatus
    We need another Washington or Cincinnatus who could grab the power, rid the country of the corrupt and then the ability to relinquish that power when the mission is completed…

  12. Mrs. AL says:

    Great commentary, BrianR. And the comment thread is enlightening as well.

    I heard Greg Gutfeld do a monologue that might be pertinent here … ‘in general the media is in the tank for the (Resident) and that makes a difference. When the supposed ‘free press’ is in bed with this administration, it’s hard for the populace to get the facts.’

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, MrsAL.

      That’s an interesting, and accurate, comment.

      It’s probably one of the reasons that the Dem/socialists are so outspokenly hateful toward Fox News. They’re not in the tank for the Golfer-In-Chief.

      It’s probably ALSO one of the main reasons why Fox is THE most successful news outlet.

      No way that can be a simple coincidence.

  13. Buck says:

    I don’t understand it. The MSM is in the tank for 5:30 viewers, the papers are close to bankrupt for lack of subscribers. The guys on the top floor can surely see Fox’s ratings. Yet they continue to dish out the same leftist liberal crap day after day…

    • BrianR says:

      Yeah, Buck, I don’t get that either.

      You’d think out of simple economic self-preservation they’d wise up, get the message, and stop licking Obozo’s butt.

  14. Buck says:

    Well, I suppose one thing could be journalism school has been cranking out these cookie cutter “journalists” since at least the ’50’s because they were at the forefront of the anti Viet Nam War movement…. Maybe they are so inured in leftist ideology they are willing to sacrifice their livelihood to advance the cause.

    • BrianR says:

      Interesting thought. Maybe it’s a form of arrogance (which seems to go hand in hand with being a leftist). They firmly believe that once the hoi-polloi — us — wise up and see the light, they’ll be vindicated and get to bask in glory and financial success.

      Who knows? My experience tells me that in order to be a leftist you have to abandon any pretext to rational thought and logic. This would simply be an extension of that.

  15. Buck says:

    “My experience tells me that in order to be a leftist you have to abandon any pretext to rational thought and logic”
    And get a pair of horn rim glasses. Don’t forget the horn rim glasses. And a copy of Lolita…..

  16. CW says:

    Great post, Brian. I agree with you.

    When you don’t have strength in numbers or arms, which the Republicans and/or conservatives do not, then strategy becomes critical. While I can understand the desire and the temptation to sue and/or impeach, if such actions ultimately undermine your goals it is self-defeating, needless to say.

    When the Founders put in place the system of checks and balances via the Constitution, they assumed there would be one other vital component, that being the American peoples’ self-interest in their liberty, their rights and the rule of law. With the liberalization and dumbing down of the American public that can no longer be counted on, hence the failure of our checks and balances to reign in a lawless president. It is essential that we win over enough of those lost Americans to gain their support, and I agree that the best way to do that is to let democrats be their own worst enemies. The only problem with it is that democrats are using their lawlessness to postpone the pain of their governing to their constituents (illegally postponing the Obamacare mandate, for instance). We need to fix that if and when we can. Ultimately, if and when republicans’ only option is to engage in self-defeating acts then their energies would be better served by reminding voters at every opportunity that the economic uncertainty, global instability, unemployment and under-employment, etc, are the consequence of putting liberal democrats in charge.

    • BrianR says:

      CW, that was a terrific comment. You should expand on it as an essay of your own.

      I’ve said in the past that if we Americans lose our liberty it won’t be because it was taken from us, or we lost a war against some enemy. It will be because we threw it away ourselves.

      It seems we’re in the process of doing it with both hands and a shovel.

  17. AfterShock says:

    You’re such an optimist BrianR. Sources say Obama is damned close to acquiring a majority grip on the military. He controls the money/economy now, as well as the money addicted states, the NSA, FBI the cellular system and regulatory system of all. Add military control, and what would you say is left that would ever suggest anything constitutional or political could stop him? The MEGA corporation crony-communist-pseudo-capitalists control everything now. We the people are left with one option. Quit our jobs, let our mortgages go to default, as we descend upon DC and lay siege.

    • BrianR says:

      I don’t know what you mean by a “majority grip” on the military. Any President is, per the Constitution, the CinC of the military. So in what way does Obozo have any new powers that a President hasn’t already had throughout history?

      None that I can see.

      All members of our armed forces swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, not an oath of fealty to a person or the President (unlike the Nazi SS, which swore a personal oath of loyalty to Hitler, for example). So any orders he would issue that are illegal would meet resistance right away from the ranks and officer corps.

      A further problem for the ObaMessiah is that the vast majority of people in the military are conservatives. Why on earth would they be at all tempted to “follow” this clown down the road of a military coup?

      Of course, the last obstacle is that pesky Second Amendment. This country’s military numbers a bit over a million people. There are over 150 million armed citizens. Not good odds for anyone trying a military takeover.

      • AfterShock says:

        I’ll track down the source when I can, I can’t remember who said it. I was Listening either to Beck or Hannity. I’m thinking it was Oliver North, but will verify who said it when I have more time. The conversation centered around the near absolute power being amassed by the White-House (Obama). The show host speculated that it would be the last piece necessary to change our government forever — a real coup — saying that having the loyalty of key military personnel from the top down would be a scary thought.

        The guest, himself retired military said he’d spoken with associates that indicated that scenario was more right than he might want to believe. That we’d be surprised to know the type of men and women that have been entering military service over the past five years. We already know the types of men and women Obama places trust and power in. I agree the vast majority are conservatives now, but the new enlistees are apparently not.

      • BrianR says:

        Nah, I’m not buying it.

        There have always been people running around with scary scenarios based on speculative elements that have no basis in fact. For example, the Left does it with their ridiculous “global warming” crap, and the Right does it with absurd conspiracy theories that end up with a socialist “takeover” of the government.

        Regardless, there’s still the reality that the military numbers about a million troops. Many of them are overseas, and only a small percentage are actual combat troops. At the same time, about half of American households have at LEAST one gun, and there are a total of about 280 MILLION guns in private hands in this country. The odds of a military “takeover” of this country are at right about zero.

  18. AfterShock says:

    Well Brian I wouldn’t 5 years ago buy into half of what we have today. Sure there is speculation, but the fact is most of what we would have said “not possible” to 5 years past has happened. The NSA issue 5 years ago would have been dismissed as nonsense because it would have been said, there’s no way a conspiracy of that proportion could have been kept under wraps given the immense size of the bureaucracy and thew numbers of people involved. Yet for at least a decade it was.. I wish I’d have paid closer attention to what I heard on Thursday this past week.I definitely want more details.

    I’ll give you this Brian, I agree there are far too many enlisted that did so and re-up their hitch for the right and patriotic reason to assume any majority of rank and file against their oath. Still, such individuals do exist and allegedly in sufficient numbers to pose a problem. But he real threat from what I can see would be attrition at the command level and the current administration’s hand picked replacements. I can’t just dismiss it, but I understand why you would.

    • BrianR says:

      Again, Shocky, it’s not just an issue of whether or not the active military would go along with such a thing, though I have no doubt that they wouldn’t.

      From a purely military strategic and tactical standpoint, such a thing is simply impossible.

      Let’s say, for the sake of argument, the entire military decides to go along with Obozo in some kind of attempt to install himself as a dictator. How are they supposed to actually make that happen?

      They’re outnumbered by the armed civilian populace by something like 100:1 … VERY badly outgunned. They can’t use major weapons like armor, artillery or air power. They can’t go around bombing or shelling the cities or housing developments. All that would do would be to get any “undecideds” — or people who supported the clown up to that point — pissed off in a VERY major way, losing any civilian support they MAY have had. Further, you don’t destroy the infrastructure of your own country. That would be insane, and even if the military supported him up to THAT point, they sure wouldn’t anymore.

      The military, outside of established military bases, really doesn’t have a presence in the country. So they MIGHT be able to establish “strongholds” in those areas, but then what? They can’t control an entire country from a few military bases, and as soon as they start trying to move units around, they dilute their strength and abilities, to the point where, once again, they’re going to be badly outgunned by civilians.

      Those civilians aren’t just some useless rabble, either. There are a LOT of former military with combat experience among them, who’d be able to rally and lead an opfor. Throw in cops and sheriffs, who wouldn’t just stand around while the military broke the law. Every state of which I’m aware has its own National Guard force, which the governors would activate right away. Now you’re talking about units with the same armaments — including armor, air and artillery — that the Federal forces have.

      No… the whole idea’s just completely ridiculous. Hell, we can’t even wipe out al Quaida or the Afghan resistance. How would the military take on a country the size of the USA, with a population armed like ours is, and have any hope of actually winning?

      • AfterShock says:

        Can’t argue with that Brian, but I don’t believe the comments made that I was referring to had a thing to do with the military being used to attack the citizenry directly. Obama and the progressives in charge don’t need the military to abuse power or violate the constitution or trample our rights. Look what they’ve done to punish Rick Perry. They are brazen. No, the military elements that would be loyal to Obama and all progressive statists would be there to protect them FROM us.


      • BrianR says:

        Well, you’re contradicting yourself in that comment, so I’m not sure what you mean.

        “the military elements that would be loyal to Obama and all progressive statists would be there to protect them FROM us.”

        What does that mean, if you’re not talking about a coup that involves the military?

      • AfterShock says:

        If calling control of the military a coup, then stating that the important point regarding the purpose for their control would be to protect the elites from the likes of you and me constitutes a contradiction; then I stand corrected and it was unintended. But let me establish a couple things. 1. I was repeating what I heard, the implication of which, as I understood it, was that control of the military would be a point at which our ability to resist government edicts or decrees politically, would no longer be possible. 2. I have to speculate what that might mean as there was no elaboration expressed on the radio, just concern. But a militarized IRS, EPA, local police forces, maybe even Obama’s desired civilian army and GOD only knows what else is enough to seriously consider point number 1.. And 3. This is hypothetical of course.

        I wasn’t saying that we the people would be totally impotent, yes we have guns; yes there are more of us than them etc. but I agree with Buck that most people in this country are not able to and likely not willing to mount an effective military style resistance to government confiscations of property and trampling of their liberty; And as for the retired military you speak of, they ARE too widely dispersed and just eeking out a living like the rest of us.

        During the so called Egyptian Arab spring, the government was toppled because the people did rise up en masse against it. The Egyptian military was the deciding factor only because it left Mubarak to dangle in the wind. Which proves that in any dictatorship the dictator is viable only so long as enough of the military remains loyal to him or her. The dictator is helpless without military support and protection. Dictators like Sadam H for instance had key people in high places throughout the military (such as it was) They had loyalty tests and the disloyal didn’t live long. Am I saying that would be the case here? Probably not or at least not for a while. Heck even in the Soviet Union things were rosy at first. At any rate it may never be necessary to become that brutal here given the difference in our culture vs. the differences in say the Arab culture.

        The people of Egypt had nothing to lose in rising up violently against government! On their best days they didn’t enjoy the liberty and fat of the land that we enjoy or consume here on our worst days under our worst conditions. Arabs, Muslims and in this case Egyptians are far more familiar with extreme hardship, starvation, lack of power, lack of transportation and/or dying for a cause than are most Americans, ‘specially these days.

        You also mentioned police and sheriffs, I wrote about this a couple years ago. Local police and sheriffs departments are increasingly not viewing themselves as there to protect and serve the public let alone uphold constitutional rule of law; rather they are more often seeing themselves as the means to impose public policy agendas that are not the law. In fact, many of them either don’t understand or else feign ignorance of the “laws” they do purport to enforce. I have given many first hand examples in previous posts how municipalities ride roughshod over the motor vehicle owners for instance, in order to adjust social — not lawful — behavior while increasing revenue. All by misapplying traffic law up to and including “sting” operations that are outright entrapment, then telling the person stopped to take any issues they may have up with a judge. There’s even a nifty little trend to extort money by letting you pay twice the posted fine in exchange for keeping your “voluntary” guilty plea off your record permanently..

        What’s alarming is that these instances I refer to are very blatant and from my research they’re on the increase. Most people assume the police or sheriffs are experts in the law and so don’t raise a fuss about an unlawful traffic stop. So, what to do? just go to court for some due process of law? Just try taking an issue regarding a bogus traffic stop up with a local judge, the cost is forbidding enough for most; missed work and for contractors like myself that would mean lost income, lost time to research the law and file documents, and if you really want to overcome a suspect judicial system, the hiring of an attorney.

        It would be great if all law enforcement officers were actually concerned with properly applying the law in every instance and would have the courage to admit if they’ve made mistakes but that would assume they made the stop and misapplied the law BY mistake. How refreshing if they would resign in protest over being asked to misapply law to serve a public policy agenda. Even if you recite the black-letter statute, rules and regulations to most officers that might detain you — pointing out their misapplication — you will not deter them from writing you a citation.

        Law enforcement officers are not afraid of the few that know and understand the law, especially when local municipal courts give nearly complete deference to the police and seldom entertain any notion that somehow the police are wrong. That of course effectively rules out one’s right to a pro se proceeding. Attorneys are a huge expense and don’t work pro bono as not many give a rats butt about serving the public good. And you’re still likely to end up with a decision that you must appeal to a higher court. So people take the loss of liberty and over-reach of government in stride.

        It’s all gonna be okay though, the completely functional military surplus being delivered to local police forces are obviously needed. I know that there’s got to be a reason they need fully automatic weapons, grenade launchers, tens of thousands of rounds of ammo and ordinance,,armored personnel carriers, tanks, attack helicopters… and the list goes on. Of course there’s a good reason and we can all trust the authorities — right? Unfortunately, they are not — generally speaking — those thoughtful public servants that viewed discretion as the better part of valor from the Norman Rockwell era.

        Obama it seems to me has pretty tight control over everyone within his administration and that includes those he has placed in the military. Congress has shirked completely any meaningful oversight and the media totally supports the agenda of this president. The people, except for the TEA party movement, are too fat, too lazy, too ignorant and too disorganized to ever mount the kind of resistance to government tyranny the likes of which would be required to win. I’d also like to point out that Obama is simply the dictator currently plugged in. When he goes once his job is done, the next dictator will be offered up to take his place. And that system will keep working against us so long as the well established players remain in office. If a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul or similar were to get elected president, the establishment would just undermine them at every opportunity. And as I said, look what they did to Governor Perry, the establishment is criminalizing any politics that diminishes its’ power.

        This isn’t about, per se, military power and who has it, it was about the fact that we are losing our military and police forces to a vastly different culture than you or I remember. Our “American” culture has been changing rapidly for the worse, no one really believes in the old adage of no pain – no gain, just “no pain”. And if that weren’t fundamentally true, we would never have reached the point we’re at today.

      • BrianR says:

        ” 1. I was repeating what I heard, the implication of which, as I understood it, was that control of the military would be a point at which our ability to resist government edicts or decrees politically, would no longer be possible.”

        I understand. That’s the essential definition of a “coup”. What else would you call it?

        That’s the ONE thing a wannabe dictator could do that would virtually GUARANTEE a revolt. Nobody — from EITHER party — would put up with it, including the politicians from that guy’s own party, be it Dem or GOP. No way would they sit there idly while some Caesar stole their own personal power.

        One of the constant themes of my writings over many years, from way before my original blog at TH, is that the threat to our liberties is that we as a people will ultimately throw them away ourselves. It’s why I repeatedly quote the Tytler Cycle, because it defines the problem succinctly. The same with the Juvenal quote about “bread and circuses”. In fact, the Juvenal quote goes right to the real heart of the matter: a populace not paying attention while everything of value is stolen away from them.

        There’s no NEED for the military to be involved in any way. That’s why I called that a “scare tactic” in my original response to this topic, because it’s Chicken Littling a real problem with a distraction that has no bearing on where the REAL threat lies.

      • AfterShock says:

        BrianR, our differences on this topic aside as you say it is “…the ONE thing a wannabe dictator could do that would virtually GUARANTEE a revolt”. That’s my ultimate point. I believe that is what the Obama administration wants — A REVOLT! Because that opens up — in modern times — a whole new avenue of historically validated executive authority albeit, under present circumstances, reverse from what we would consider kosher. I have long said Obama needs a crisis to capitalize on and his former chief of staff said exactly that. If one isn’t occurring naturally, it has to be manufactured.

        But Brian, whether you think I’m falling for an imminent calamity scenario or not, Obama has long been actively dividing the people in this nation, Black/White. Christian/Muslim, man woman, gay/straight, rich/poor to exactly that end.

      • BrianR says:

        Shocky, I think we’re talking in circles. Now you’re back to discussing a coup using the military, which takes us back to all the reasons I already stated as to why that would never work, starting with the idea of getting the military to even go along with it.

        But I certainly agree with your closing paragraph. As I’ve often written, and I think you have too: this guy’s a True Believer, and a die-hard communist. He openly stated he wanted to “fundamentally change America”, so he hasn’t even been subtle about it. I think a lot of people just didn’t take him at his word, or believe he meant to be as destructive as he is.

        But one other thing: he’s also the absolute LAZIEST guy I’ve EVER seen. He has no interest at all in the actual JOB of President, only the perks. The fancy jet, endless expensive vacations, hobnobbing with celebrities. Trying to actually “take over” would be WAAAAAY too much effort.

      • AfterShock says:

        Brian, I am not back to discussing a coup using the military. I have been as I’ve already said trying to make some sense of what was said by a guest on the radio talk show that, if I could remember who, would be known to us both. Life isn’t, I think, as cut and dried as you believe. But when all is said and done my friend, you and I are on the same team. And that — at the end of the day — is all I really care about.

      • BrianR says:

        Yep. I couldn’t agree more on that.

        BTW, I was clear in my mind, though evidently not in what I wrote, that I was responding to that hypothesis from the guy you heard on the radio show, NOT to what YOU were saying.

        THOSE are the people always using Chicken Little scare tactics, from both sides of the aisle. The example from the Right that always comes to my mind (and it’s something I’ve blogged about) is how the NRA always trots out the mythical “UN Gun Ban Treaty” every time they want to gin up a membership drive, even though such a “treaty” would have absolutely zero effect on our gun rights.

  19. AfterShock says:

    BTW, I never said I thought any such plan would succeed, but given the absolute crap they’ve pulled, especially of late, I wouldn’t put it past them to try.

    • BrianR says:

      But again, all the problems I mentioned would be just as obvious, if not more so, to any career military guy. They’re not stupid enough to go that route, let alone violate their oaths and the Posse Comitatus law.

  20. Buck says:

    Outnumbered 100-1 but with the military vehicles already in position in the various agencies’ parking lots and police departments they are gearing up for something. Do not believe for a minute that certain members of police departments would hesitate using them.
    The top military has been almost all replaced with yes-men and perfumed princes. Hopefully if push ever comes to shove the junior officers would refuse to obey orders counter to their oath to the Constitution…
    As far as all the population being armed. It is much different shooting a deer than fighting a war.
    A great number of the armed populace of which you speak have NO military training and would be about as useful as were untrained milita against the lobsterbacks…

    • BrianR says:

      Same thing the Brits thought until they tried to confiscate the colonists’ guns at Lexington and Concord.

      You don’t need a whole lot of training when you outnumber the other guy 100 to one.

      It’s not just an issue of what officers at any level think. For every officer there are at least twenty enlisted guys E-1 through E-9. Those are the guys with their fingers on the triggers. What do you think is gonna happen if some butterbar LT tells them they have to go on the offensive against American civilians?

      Can anyone say “mutiny”?

      • AfterShock says:

        Yeah I do think there would be a lot of mutiny, I also think there will be a lot of true believers in Obama’s America once it all shakes out.

      • Buck says:

        Don’t forget the colonists had two things not prevalent now;
        (a) a communication system; and
        (b) folks ready to take to the common en masse….

        Today most of those millions will stand by while the homes of the most outspoken are violated and inhabitants killed or carted off into that void…
        It will come at 0200.
        There will be a short stirring around. Then a retreat back to normal.
        Until the next vociferous, pesky voice is silenced.
        At 0200.
        Kinda like buffalo hunters would shoot the leader of the herd and after that the rest would just mill around a bit after each shot…

      • BrianR says:

        In that case, you can beat the lines if you turn your guns in now.

        During the Rodney King riots here in LA, no one — not the cops or the National Guard — would even go into the riot areas for over three days, until things had quieted down. That was a TINY riot as far as numbers of people and geographical area goes.

      • Buck says:

        When the first Pvt mutinies and is shot. Who will be the second?

      • BrianR says:

        The officer who shot the Pvt.

  21. AfterShock says:

    So Brian you are saying the second to mutiny will be the officer that shot the Pvt? BTW, I just read today 8000 senior Navy cheifs E7-E9 are being forced before a continuation board to determine whether — or most likely not — their service will continue. Of course that opens the door to advancement from E6 down. In the politicized Navy of the Obama administration, what criteria do you suppose will be required to advance and more to the point what will determine whether one’s service continues or terminates? And what of the same likely to happen to all Armed Service branches?

    Also ya could stop by Howlin’ @ the Moon. I’d be okay with it (LOL)

  22. Buck says:

    I ain’t turning my guns in but I have no illusions about civilians standing shoulder to shoulder with me.
    I’ve seen too much boast and talk and bullshit and when push come to shove you got shit for backup…
    I wouldn’t trust any, ANYbody that had not spent at least 4 years in the military. That eliminates a shitload of folks that do not know how to follow instructions just for openers…
    Civilians without an understanding of teamwork are as dangerous to everyone involved as to themselves…

    • BrianR says:

      Could be, Buck.

      I’m not as cynical. Again, I well remember the Rodney King riots, and the Korean civilians guarding their property with their guns when the cops and National Guard wouldn’t even go into the area. NONE of their shops got looted.

      Sometimes people can surprise ya.

  23. Buck says:

    Don’t you think the Korean upbringing might have been a factor? They are raised respecting and listening to their elders so there was an identifiable authority figure there…

  24. Buck says:

    Just relying on experience…

    • BrianR says:

      Me, too.

      Also on the historical record. Our own Revolution didn’t see a large percentage of the colonists actually doing any fighting. When we have such a large number on our side, not very many actually have to show up.

  25. Buck says:

    I’m thinking of stuff already on display. In Fort Worth when I was there the cops drug a woman out of her house and arrested her because she was video taping their stopping a car in front of her house.
    Not a drug house, either.
    What I am getting out is NO one came to her aid and the neighbors witnessed the event…
    Not sure how it turned out. I moved to Oklahoma not long after that… Probably dismissed but still she was in her house and in her rights and no one wanted to stick their neck out…
    It’s all back who’s going to “bell the cat”?

    • BrianR says:

      Sure, Buck, I understand that.

      But single isolated incidents aren’t the same thing as some national action by the idiot in the White House, deploying troops to take over the reins of government.

    • AfterShock says:

      Many Americans will be led into “pishkun”, the Am-Indian term for blood kettle or blood bath. Unlike those who hunted the Buffalo by killing the leader, causing the herd to wander aimlessly and become easy targets, Indians discovered that if you stampede the leader off a cliff into a canyon, ravine or similar the rest of the herd would follow en masse. Their legs would break from the fall and the Indians would just take what they wanted and to hell with the rest. Very wastefull and inhumane. Not a one of the Buffalo would make a stand to stop the carnage. Too many Americans I fear, are lemmings like these!

      • BrianR says:

        Oh, hell yeah. True dat (as the kids nowadays say).

        I’ve addressed that before, such as in my “Bread and Circuses” essay back at the TH blog site. No doubt about it. It’s much easier to munch your Dominos pizza and watch Dancing With The Stars than to actually pay attention and DO something.

  26. captbogus2 says:

    I’ve been comparing buffalo herds to American people for a long, long time….

  27. captbogus2 says:

    Itae isae imetay orfay ewnay essay!

  28. Rigo Rome says:

    More Right-wing conspiracy theories, LOL…I can’t wait until Hillary is the 1st woman elected in 2016…the 1st black President caused you people to go insane w/rage and I wonder how you’ll react to the 1st WOMAN?

    • BrianR says:

      “Conspiracy theories”? Where did I write one word about “conspiracy theories”?

      Your comment perfectly illustrates the intellectual vacuity of the Dem/socialists. You live by slogans and clichés, none of which are ever actually pertinent to the facts at hand, and expect to be taken seriously.

      I’m sorry, but your moronic comment simply speaks for itself.

      • Rigo Rome says:

        Typical Teapublican…resort to name-calling when you can’t refute the truth…

      • BrianR says:


        What “truth”? Your fictional “conspiracy theories”?

        Bubba, that was your last comment that will be allowed on this site. You’re just another typical Dem/socialist moron, and there’s no space here for you, or your loony comments.


  29. captbogus2 says:

    Which just goes to show you can’t convince them with facts, history or law. They manufacture their own facts, rewrite history and ignore the law.

    • BrianR says:

      Of course. That’s Dem/socialist SOP.

      BTW, my next essay is written and saved as a draft here. I’m just waiting to see if my local paper’s going to run it before I publish it here.

      Either way, it’ll go up probably tomorrow or Saturday. FYI.

  30. AfterShock says:

    By now Brian, you realize that voting republican is voting for the last nail in the proverbial coffin as surely as is voting Dem. Case in point: a so-called Republican vote isn’t even a vote to slow the progressive process. Susan Collins — close associate and friend of Mitch McConnell — said, just this week, that we are past the point of repealing obamacare, and and that the focus should be on “fixing” it. It’s over my friend, utterly and completely over. Nothing to vote for as nothing but same old S–t is being offered.

    • BrianR says:

      Normally I completely agree with that, Shock. This one election, for me, is the exception to that rule, primarily because — as lame as they are — I want the GOP to take back the Senate.

      We’ve got to castrate Hairball Reid, and there are judgeships and other appointments that the GOP has to beat down. So I’m willing to go all part-rah-rah this ONE time.

      • captbogus2 says:

        Evem GOP appointments are not a sure thing if there are RINOs in the fray. Look at all the ‘Pubs that voted for Holder et al.

      • BrianR says:

        True enough.

        But what happens if the Dem/socialists retain the Senate?

        That’s really the issue here.

        Further, there won’t be any “GOP appointments”. Obozo’s still going to be the one making the appointments. But GOPers can refuse to approve his nominations, blocking the way of the more radical ones. If the Dems retain the Senate, they’ll just rubber-stamp anyone he nominates, especially under the new rules Hairball Reid had put in place.

  31. AfterShock says:

    BTW Ringo Rome is just the latest iteration of Anarcho, neocon-slayer, Moshe etc etc etc…

    • BrianR says:

      I wondered about that. He’s using a different IP Address, then. I keep track of that.

      Anyway, I’ve spammed him, so no more of his nonsense will get through anymore from that IP.

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